Middletown council discusses retail cannabis regulations, up to 5 dispensaries allowed – WKRC TV Cincinnati


MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) – Middletown is closer to allowing both types of cannabis dispensaries in town.

The Middletown City Council discussed where they could be and how many would be allowed. Medical dispensaries were banned in 2017, and the council was adamant about delaying recreational stores. The recreational ban then expired on June 16.

The council originally approved the moratorium because there were — and are — a lot of unknowns about selling recreational cannabis.

They said it bought them time, but the state is still moving forward on a different timetable. Ohio recently began accepting business license applications for recreational marijuana.

On Tuesday, the council weighed allowing medical dispensaries, lifting a growing ban, and limiting the number of dispensaries. The current number of dispensaries allowed is set at five in total, combining both recreational and medical.

The city’s lawyer said that five dispensaries appears to be the maximum amount while still following the zoning laws.

Cannabis cultivator Zac Weprin said it’s already shaking out to be competitive, but that the legislation is moving in the right direction.

“I think it starts with just being open to bringing the business, and we bring a lot of money to the community. A percentage of sales through the use

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