Mexico Publishes Approved Cannabis Regulations

Mexico turned a bunch of heads this week with the news that, finally, recreational cannabis is being seriously considered. The House supports it, and the president is expected to sign it into a law. Now, the country has also announced what the cannabis regulations will be if it passes. 

While the bill still has to make it through the Senate, it is expected to pass, as the MORENA party, who are pro-cannabis, also control the Senate. 

“One of the most important aspects is that the National Commission Against Addictions will have the mandate of the regulation of the industry,” Jorge Rubio Escalona, local industry insider and Nabbis Group Co-Founder, explained about the new regulations. “The Ministry of Agriculture will regulate seeds, hemp and growth planning.”

The Fine Details

Additionally, the new regulations state that the National Seed Agency will regulate all seeds, which will be allowed for personal grows, collective grows, retail, research, and a separate category for hemp. Collective grows will consist of two to 20 people with a limit of 50 plants per group, and no option for reselling. 

The rulings also lay out how labeling and branding will work, as well as how packaging can be recycled,

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