Marijuana Roll Out Delayed in Ohio – OH Dispensaries

COLUMBUS, OH Dispensaries — Ohio has not been able to get it’s act together in implementing medical marijuana. More delays in selecting processors and giving cultivators the go ahead to start growing cannabis appears to have been pushed off again. The Legislature’s September 8 deadline for the state to make medical marijuana available may be pushed into 2019.

The Columbus Dispatch reports a meeting between the Medical Marijuana Council and an advisory board Thursday provided no answer about when the state’s program will finally become operational.

Cultivators have been selected, although only two have permission to grow plants.

Testing labs are ready and certified doctors, now 185 strong, are in place to recommend medical marijuana to qualified patients, however no processor have been selected to turn plants into edibles, oils, creams and tinctures. A Commerce Department official said those licenses will be issued in the coming weeks.

The states online system has not gone live yet. According to a pharmacy board official, the patient registration portal will be activated closer to medical marijuana actually becoming available.

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