Leaf Relief

4323 Market Street
Boardman, OH 44512

Hours of Operation

FRI – SAT: 10AM – 9PM
SUN: 12PM – 6PM

About Leaf Relief Dispensary in Youngstown

Leaf Relief is a medical cannabis dispensary location now open at 4323 Market Street in Youngstown. 

Leaf Relief dispensary menu products are available to patients near Youngstown and throughout Mahoning County with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form


$21 OFF

Use SUMMER21 to get $21 off your online visit.
Expires 7/12/21

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

15:32 30 Jul 21
Every one who works there is so helpful and it's a really great place to stop to refill your prescriptions..
Larry Burtner
Larry B.
13:39 04 Jul 21
Excellent staff very informed on products. Safe and clean store.
Zachary Cimino
Zachary C.
21:50 20 Jun 21
Very convenient spot. Very close to home. They have lots of promotions from time to time and amazing customer service. Definitely recommend this shop. Lots of variety in products.read more
Alexander Johnson
Alexander J.
00:20 20 Jun 21
The prices have actually softened up a little bit. The location is convenient and staff are usually always helpful and polite. If I'm not at gLeaf, I'm here at Leaf Relief.read more
Megan Bradley
Megan B.
17:38 18 Jun 21
I've never been here but after trying to call and get anywhere for ANYTHING. It's not worth it. 1 ring, instantly "leaf relief please hold" and then hung up on after hold for 10 minutes. That's pathetic service. I've called several times and literally just instant hold and hang up onread more
Crystal Love
Crystal L.
09:58 18 Jun 21
They seem unhappy and stressed out every time I go. They also make it sound like their selection is ALL Ohio has to offer. Gleaf has such better prices, quality, products, and staff. I hate going here.read more
Anony mouse
Anony M.
04:48 05 May 21
I don't know if a dyslexic person made the menu but the Triangle Mintz is advertised as being 32% thc when it is actually 23% thc. If I had known this i would have not bought this product. Why does everyone give this place 5 stars just because they are a dispensary? The only way it is 5 stars is if it is the only one you've ever been to.read more
Katelyn Bryson
Katelyn B.
18:37 02 Apr 21
Everyone that works here is so friendly. But every time I come here I wait for about half an hour out in the cold then about another 20-30 minutes in the waiting area inside. Even with a phone order I’m waiting about an hour. who has that kind of time?read more
15:32 23 Mar 21
The same old, tired selection for the past 5 months. Love the people that work there. They're informative and friendly, but their variety of product is quite dismal. Not to mention, there's never a promotion or sale.... even on their aging flower supply. Hoping things turn around for the better here, until then I'll be going out to Warren for their variety of product and weekly sales.read more
Jennifer Enniss
Jennifer E.
02:11 28 Feb 21
I literally never write reviews but that’s how bad my experience was here. First thing I want to say is go to gleaf instead. They are fantastic. I will use this space to give you ANY other dispensary to go to besides this one. Bloom medicinals is great as well. I have been to this dispensary several times and they have always been rude and seem like they just want to get you out as quickly as possible, it almost feels like an illegal drug deal to tell you the truth, even though it’s not. So I have to drive an hour out of my way to go to this dispensary. I called ahead and asked what time they closed. They said 9pm. So I got there at 8:50 and the doors were locked. I called and asked why. The lady on the phone was rude, did not allow me to speak to the manager that was supposedly on staff, and then proceeded to tell me that they don’t let people in the building after 8:45. So my question is why don’t they tell people they are closed at 8:45, since they literally ARE closed at 8:45? It wouldn’t have been a big deal except I live AN HOUR away. I took the info that she gave me as the facts and knew I would make it in time. But she didn’t give me the correct info. And they have lost a customer because of it. Anyways, there are many other dispensaries to choose from, please do not choose this one.read more
Anthony Sabella
Anthony S.
13:21 30 Jan 21
The staff at Leaf Relief is always so very helpful and always kind. The really do care. It's almost talking with family and friends. I recommend LEAF RELIEF to anyone. But they do need to have more specials. Deals on products. Maybe a frequent customer incentive. But hands down highly recommended. Thanks Leaf Relief. Keep up the great work.read more
Ashley Vanderhoff
Ashley V.
23:19 27 Jan 21
It was my first time here and they were super helpful. They were also quick and efficient. There was a line of customers before me but I barely had to wait. My boyfriend also goes here because their customer service is great. I just wish there was more parking places.read more
Jeff Pascarella
Jeff P.
19:35 23 Jan 21
Always helpful and friendly service. Place is always clean. They could have a larger selection of flower. And with any dispensary right now in Ohio, prices need to be lower.read more
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