L.A. Cannabis Update: Little Fires Everywhere

The City of Los Angeles is no stranger to change and struggle around its local cannabis industry. Since the passage of Proposition M back in 2017, the City has made great strides but also suffered significant setbacks in building its licensed cannabis marketplace. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend continues for Los Angeles and its Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”),

We’ve written a lot over the past three years about L.A.’s journey with licensed cannabis after the passage of Prop. 64 and the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (see here for a significant series of posts dedicated to the City of L.A). A very brief summation is that the DCR developed licensing regulations, with the approval of City Council, that ended up producing three phases of licensing:

Phase 1 was exclusively for Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (“EMMDs”). Phase 2 was only for those non-retail cannabis operators that could prove certain criteria to the DCR for licensure. Phase 3 was split into two rounds of retail licensing as well as a general public round. The first round was dedicated to only licensing retail applicants on a lottery basis that qualified as Type 1 or 2 social

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