Kanabo Knocks It Out of The Park With London IPO

Vape aficionados in the United States and Canada may not yet have heard of Kanabo, but after their impressive debut last week in London, that is likely to change. 

The Israeli firm has worked hard in the last several years to position itself against its main competitor, German firm Storz and Bickel, known not only for the eponymous “Volcano” but also for their medically certified vaporizer offerings. 

Now, thanks to the explosive performance in London (Kanabo’s stock price increased exponentially in the second week of February and is still hovering over 28 dollars a share) the two firms are set up to go head-to-head for a huge segment of the developing medical market. Namely medical users who use either flos (flower) or extracts must use a medically certified vaporizer to ingest it. By definition, that means Europe-based consumers and companies.

But what exactly is all the fuss about “medically certified” cannabis firms on stock exchanges about to begin with?  Not to mention the focus on “certified” vapes 

This discussion is almost unknown in North America.

The European Financial Sector Wants to Invest in The Medical Cannabis Business

Much of the history of the discussion about who could list on a

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