Herbology Marijuana Dispensary


1220 Buchholzer Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 11:00AM – 6:00PM
Sat 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Sun 11:00AM – 5:00PM

About Herbology In Cuyahoga Falls

Herbology is a medical cannabis store now open at 1220 Buchholzer Blvd in Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

Herbology dispensary menu products will be available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

20:32 06 Jul 20
Been going here since the day it opened. Loved it at first (great selection/friendly staff), however my experience has really gone downhill as of late. Menu has been pretty meh recently (mostly strains with low thc percentages), but what really shifted my opinion of this place is how rude & ignorant one of the staff members treats me. Seems like every time I go there this certain worker has a personal vendetta against me. Always gives me a hard time when I call and ask if they have any strains that are not on the menu on their website (which is never up to date). The rest of the staff is mostly helpful, but Botanist and Bloom blow them out of the water when it comes to professionalism. I’ve been going to these three dispensaries regularly for over 5 months and I can say with confidence that Herbology comes in last place.read more
melanie dudor
melanie D.
02:20 20 Jun 20
SO glad I found this place. Prices are amazing compared to another nearby one I've been going to for a while now, really happy to make the change over to Herbology from The Botanist.Everyone seemed pretty nice, although a little flustered but it was kinda busy. The one lady there printed out my medical card and laminated it for me and that was such a huge help because pulling it up on my phone a bunch is such a pain.Great selection, great prices, definitely recommend.read more
Chris Whitmire
Chris W.
21:55 18 Jun 20
Really nice people very clean . Very informative and knollageable
Tasmine Evans
Tasmine E.
13:54 28 Apr 20
BEST. PLACE. EVER! Not only was their staff EXTREMELY compassionate and super helpful, but they were SO knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly! The have a great variety and even better pricing (comparatively) I have been to almost all of the dispensaries around NEO, and this place is hands down the best! It should really be the gold standard. Even the manager was nice and funny and promised to keep the lowest prices possible!!!read more
19:19 24 Apr 20
I am a patient and work in the field of medical marijuana as well. I love Herbology's wide selection of product. They are always getting new products in and the staff is very educatedread more
Stacy Jolley
Stacy J.
20:26 16 Apr 20
I’ll be honest it was very nerve racking at first but the girl at the front desk was the most knowledgeable I feel felt a little let down after meeting with the people to explain more once ur called back to choose but I had no clue just told them about my pain and anxiety and then they showed me on a iPad my options. Other than that the experience was very cool and very understanding and very organized. Clean. Would go back for sure. Prices weren’t as bad as everyone says they are.read more
Twiggy Flacko
Twiggy F.
18:12 01 Apr 20
Shorty that helped me was very knowledgeable. Everybody seemed like good people. Staff at the front were helpful and nice. Butterfly Effect: Crushed Berries package lid does work properly for the employee that wanted to know.read more
Shaun Koher
Shaun K.
13:36 30 Mar 20
Pretty new patient. Have been to a few dispensaries around the state. Herbology signed me up quick the girl was very nice. Two budtenders were there. Different registers but I was the only patient in the room. Both talked to me like they had personally meditated. Their experiences and thoughts on different strains which was cool. Good to have honest opinions , other places try to sell me on percentages and prices. Prices are a little bit lower than other places near by. Good selection too. Maybe my new local shopping place.read more
jeremy long
jeremy L.
21:52 16 Mar 20
Loved herbology. Really helpful and extremely nice. First stop was great. Stopped in today to make a purchase and falls police sitting in the parking lot. Saw a huge hassle in the makings so I didn’t go it. Try again tomorrow.read more
Kelly Szczukowski
Kelly S.
15:17 15 Mar 20
Okay....Herbology Dispensary in Cuyahoga Falls, amazing experience! Let’s start with the awesome little lady at reception, she made my day, what a sweetheart 😊 she offered to print me out an actual copy of my card, which was great because I’m tired of pulling it up on my phone, first place that’s ever made me that offer, nice perk, thanks😊 I had a nice chat w my intake guy while he made me a profile, super cool dude! When I went in to make my selections (and man do they have some great selections 😄) I told my new friend what I was looking for and could he please do the work and w that I was able to purchase exactly what I needed! Love all my new friends at Herbology Dispensary Cuyahoga Falls Ohio!! They were awesome and I can’t wait to see them again, the kinda of peeps u want to hang out with. PeaceKellyread more
steve w
steve w
18:41 13 Mar 20
EVERYONE THERE IS SO SUPPORTIVE AND WONDERFUL! They make you feel welcome and really care about your needs and you are in no way rushed, they want what is best for you and aren't there for the money, they are all AN ANSWER TO PRAYER, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, LOVE YAread more
17:25 07 Mar 20
Herbology had almost every cultivator, great and friendly staff. The staff took the time to get to know me. Prices are very goodread more
Michelle Humphrey
Michelle H.
19:15 04 Mar 20
Super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of products. Warm and inviting atmosphere. Best dispensary in Akron by far!read more
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