Herbology Marijuana Dispensary


1220 Buchholzer Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Hours of Operation

Mon -Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm

About Herbology In Cuyahoga Falls

Herbology is a medical cannabis store now open at 1220 Buchholzer Blvd in Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

Herbology dispensary menu products will be available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

E Rankin
E R.
00:42 17 Oct 21
Always pretty quick and lowest prices in NE Ohio. They get busy like any other dispensary but I’ve only had to wait maybe 20 min. Bud tenders are super friendly. Very big waiting room. Overall experience is very enjoyable. Keep doing your thing!read more
Caine Alexander-McCord
Caine A.
20:51 11 Oct 21
The staff at Herbology are top-shelf. Helpful, friendly, and get you in and out. Very good about explaining everything! Their nurse clinician even contacted me to be sure I was being treated well. I've used other dispensaries, and Herbology is the absolute best. Worth the drive from anyplace!read more
22:16 08 Oct 21
Budtenders and staff are great and knowledgeable. They will make sure you have the right battery and write down your days for you, something nearby Bloom and Botanist don't do. As they use curbside, unlike the two other dispensaries mentioned, they use private security. The guards will often loiter outside directly in front of the doors and will be stubborn to move to let you in. I have had a couple experiences where they put their hands on me or another patient to hassle them. They also sit in the reception office in full view of patients' confidential records and information with their phones out.Definitely not the first dispensary experience to have in Ohio, it'll make you worry if all dispensaries are like this. They are not. Either need to do away with curbside or find a different sec. company. If you visit because they allow card transactions, Bloom has just announced they're doing this soon also.read more
Teagan Webber
Teagan W.
11:12 07 Oct 21
I was sold a defective Cartridge. After I came to the store for a refund I was assured at the front desk I could get the cartridge swapped for a replacement. I was then told to email the cartridge company for a refund however since the product had been used I couldn't ask for one. All in all I was sold a defective Cartridge and passed off by the dispensary. I have never returned a product to a dispensary before so I'm disappointed with how they handled this.read more
Teagan Webber
Teagan W.
20:47 06 Oct 21
I was sold a defective Cartridge. After I came to the store for a refund I was assured at the front desk I could get the cartridge swapped for a replacement. I was then told to email the cartridge company for a refund however since the product had been used I couldn't ask for one. All in all I was sold a defective Cartridge and passed off by the dispensary. I have never returned a product to a dispensary before so I'm disappointed with how they handled this. Also this is the only dispensary in my area I have yet to make a good connection with staff. On a good note, I was given a used battery for my troubles so that was nice but in my opinion not enough to cover what happened. I feel it's a shame this dispensary is now one I will avoid.read more
Drews GM garage
Drews GM G.
16:12 25 Sep 21
I'm new to the dispensary world. Only been there a handful of times but have had a good experience each time. Was helped by Josh twice now , he is very nice and very helpful rare to find in customer service these days. Only thing I can criticize is more parking.read more
moved Back
moved B.
19:21 13 Sep 21
This place is great, and the dispensary I choose. They are lways clean. Online menu is up to date, the employees are all very friendly and have been able to answer any questions I have had. (I was a patient in Colorado for years...) Most of the customers have also been friendly... Prices are always great here.read more
22:56 08 Sep 21
Great place! Reasonable prices. I'd recommend this place. Joshua was very friendly and polite.
Mark Anthony
Mark A.
16:45 01 Sep 21
Should be a more diverse environment. All these racial tensions got to end who cares what color you are. Treat humans your customers like family. We are all one race. Hire more than just one race fr. It’s crazy to see it still existingread more
Tim Felts
Tim F.
19:18 02 Aug 21
Where do I start. Let's start by saying the staff is extremely friendly and nice. They work very hard. Beyond that the experience I receive as a veteran user is down right frustrating. I'm a concentrates user. I had to get used to the extremely high prices and the total lack of consistency once you find a product that works for you. Usually once its gone you'll never see it again. The sale days make it a very unpleasant experience also. The store is always picked dry from the first day of the sale. Along with that I receive my product stored upside and leaking out through the threading constantly. They offer no compensation let alone even trying to get someone to acknowledge it. Your not aloud to check it before you leave. I see things like 10 dollar grinders being sold for 75 dollars. An 1/8 flower takes more days off your prescription than a gram of concentrates do. In Ohio they sell 1/10 not 1/8. For someone that's comes here for anxiety relief it sure is frustrating experience. Everything they do is all about manupulation of the consumerread more
Heather Abshire
Heather A.
16:15 28 Jul 21
Fastest, friendliest dispensary I've been to.Prices always competitive. Look at the menu early for deals
Samantha DeVaul
Samantha D.
23:04 23 Jul 21
Great place. But need to change the time. To new patients. 630 and everyone else 645 us and another person who drove 1hr were just turned awayread more
Flavor Flav
Flavor F.
18:28 17 Jul 21
Weak customer service. I purchased a vape cart today and specifically asked the bud tender to confirm it was. 510 cart, which he did. When I got to my car I saw it was a luster pod. I went back in but they wouldn’t exchange the product because I had signed for it. We’ll, I only signed for it because their employee confirmed it’s what I asked for. Bloom will be getting all my business moving forward. They have better prices, selections, and it feels a lot less “ghetto” when you walk in the front door. So to summarize, they lost a customer over one pod.read more
Jesse K
Jesse K
17:25 13 Jun 21
By far one of the best dispensaries in North East Ohio. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the products they carry. Their prices are very competitive. They have weekly deals too! It's nice to go to a place where the employees are passionate about what they do. Keep up the great work guys!!!read more
John Sheppard
John S.
12:58 13 Jun 21
Great staff and great prices. I'd like to give a better review but probably the worst place to get what you want when you want it. They never have my flower in stock, the other high price places always have it in stock. Get it together please!read more
hearlin wendorf
hearlin W.
14:38 23 May 21
This dispensary is one of the worst. The online ordering has never worked for me and on a few occasions they were out of the product I wanted. I asked to speak to the manager and he wS very rude. Instead of trying to help me he told me that there was something wrong on my end. They are the only dispensary that doesn't allow me to order over the phone. An hour drive to not get what I want terrible. I asked for the corporate number and no one there knew it! The cashiers are nice but clueless.i have had a license since the start of the program. I have gone to dispensaries all over ohio and other states. By far one of the worst.read more
Keirston Mook
Keirston M.
00:33 16 May 21
The people here are awesome! In particular a young lady named Shatina very sweet girl that will go above and beyond to help someone. Bless her heart SHE DESERVES A RAISE!read more
20:04 06 May 21
The staff is wonderful, friendly & extremely helpful. The only negative is the frequency in which the get items in. I find a product that works like capsules or RSO oils, then you don't have it in stock again for several weeks or ever again. I see a lot of lower dose products that don't always work for medical patients that have a higher tolerance/ more severe pain.read more
Ashley Barker
Ashley B.
04:57 04 May 21
I have found that they have the best prices out of the 3 akron locations I visit. They also have a good selection always.read more
michael cappabianca
michael C.
15:33 20 Apr 21
I've been a customer for one year. A great place to purchase tincture, except for today. I was told their supply had run out. I understand I should have checked online. My reason for the 1 STAR rating for today is based on the fact that neither the cashier or person at the check-in took the time to say, "We are sorry for the inconvenience." It appears customer service has gone by the wayside. Sad.read more
Secret Bunta (Secretbunta)
Secret Bunta (.
21:41 17 Mar 21
Had my first ohio dispensary experience here today and it was an excellent one. Was quick and easy, establishment was clean and professional, product is great. Was helped by Joshua C who was a huge help in just providing answers to any questions I had. Friendly staff all around!read more
15:27 07 Mar 21
Love coming here. Great selection, friendly and helpful staff and the curbside pickup option is awesome. The lobby/waiting area is really nice too.read more
Chandi Collins
Chandi C.
23:07 06 Mar 21
Decent selection. Good sales. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Order online and pickup curbside or in the store. Waiting area has a RN who can answer questionsread more
Nicholas Kermes
Nicholas K.
23:18 02 Feb 21
An incredible experience from start to finish. The staff at check in always display a positive attitude and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Elizabeth in the waiting lobby has outstanding and is a point of difference at Herbology with her warm kindness. In the dispensary itself, the staff is impressively knowledgeable and the product is not only above average but so are the prices. The security personnel are amazing and make you feel safe at this location. You will NEVER feel burdensome by the employees at Herbology and I find I leave happier than when I arrived. Truly an impressive place with even more impressive people.read more
16:04 02 Feb 21
I've gone to At least four different places here in Ohio this is by far my favorite place. A lot of places couldn't even answer simple questions for me when I come here I get all the answers I need. Would I recommend herbology to anyone yes absolutely everyone in fact.read more
mike gaebelein
mike G.
00:42 06 Jan 21
Simply the best dispensary on Northern Ohio. Best prices, best service. Best people and most knowledgeable. Take a chance try some place new. You won't regret it.read more
Brent Robinson
Brent R.
21:58 31 Dec 20
I have always had good experiences here, but today, that all changed. I was able to place an order online, I worked until 4:00, went to go pick up my order (they are open until 5:00 today. I made it there around 4:30, and was told that I was not able to pick up my medicine because they were not accepting customers after 4:00. Communication is key, and if you can text me to let me know my orders ready for pickup, surely you can’t text me to let me know that I can’t pick up my order. Extremely unprofessional. Happy 2020!read more
Nick Rutt
Nick R.
01:54 19 Dec 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff! They have great prices compared to other dispensaries. My first time going they even printed and laminated my medical card. I highly recommend going here!read more
John Phillips
John P.
00:40 08 Dec 20
I’m new to the Herbology dispensary but so far my favorite! They give disability patients extra discounts on top of my discount already! I want to give a shout out to Elizabeth, consultant for the firm. She reached out to me and we set up a consult in the facility with my caregiver. We discussed my health issues and came up with a good mixture to help my pain management. I recommend this dispensary because staff is excellent! Great customer service and they are very efficient and professional. Thank you Herbology, my favorite dispensary so far! , Johnread more
Melanie Williamson
Melanie W.
17:06 05 Dec 20
I absolutely love this dispensary! when I first got my card I was very confused and didn’t understand how a lot of things worked I was very ignorant to marijuana to say the least I’m not sure who the lady is in the front! she’s always on the couch, for as many times as I’ve been there I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced myself to her that’s very rude of me! she’s definitely an angel she’s kind patient and loving she’ll take the time to explain anything that you need if you take the time and listen she direct you to resources to educate yourself! I absolutely love the staff they’re well educated personable funny it’s just an all-around amazing experience!read more
Dilan Palmer
Dilan P.
23:35 19 Nov 20
This place is one of the best if not the best of the dispensaries. I recommend you start out here if it's your first time buying to get all of the information you need. It has the most medication options I've seen in the Akron area with multiple different payment options too!read more
steve w
steve w
17:00 27 Oct 20
EVERYONE THERE IS SO SUPPORTIVE AND WONDERFUL! They make you feel welcome and really care about your needs and you are in no way rushed, they want what is best for you and aren't there for the money, they are all AN ANSWER TO PRAYER, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, LOVE YA was just there today again and Chris was amazing, super patient and knowledge based advice, thanks so much, AMAZING staff , love them allread more
Chris Brushaber
Chris B.
15:49 22 Oct 20
Management is poor. I have sent several emails about my bad experience there. I only contacted them about 1 of the few times. The worst is when they have you wait for an 1 1/2 hours to be seen. They keep letting people in knowing there are over crowded with people standing in the waiting room since 5 seats were not available for those who stood. After this they closed and I was not able to be seen. The worst part is that I watched people come in after myself and others and they went in before those of us waiting an hour or longer. Management can not even respond to emails send but they can send me all their emails. I like the place for their prices. Some strains completely suck and it was like breathing air. The staff is not knowledgeable at all. I should not know more than the staff, how can you answer my questions. Also watch on sale days I have had twice where I was overcharged. Dont know who is pocketing that money. I will only go here if desperate!read more
Jenny Mirkovich
Jenny M.
17:42 16 Oct 20
My Aunt is a patient here and I took her to one of her appointments and was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and customer service. Christopher is her favorite, and I can see why. He's great with the patients, helpful and his knowledge of products is profound.read more
david moenich
david M.
17:05 08 Oct 20
Tim was an amazing host he was very knowledgeable and had amazing customer servivce all dispensary employees should be as personable as Tim!read more
17:51 06 Oct 20
Best dispensary that I have been to in Ohio so far. Chris was a great bud tender. He really took his time and shared personal experience and knowledge. Everyone was welcoming and nice. The storefront is super cute too.read more
Aloe Aloe There
Aloe Aloe T.
22:43 19 Sep 20
First time writing a review, I will keep it short and simple.The atmosphere was great, bud was even better. Definitely worth the wait.read more
22:29 19 Sep 20
Really not sure why people talk about how your prices are lower than other dispensaries when after tax, your atm fee, and the fee my bank charged me for using your atm, the prices are the same if not higher. I feel rushed every time I’m in here. A dollar difference isn’t enough reason for me to switch dispensaries.read more
Clayton Schrock
Clayton S.
20:57 19 Sep 20
Convenient and fast service. Lots of super fun people working there.
Matthew Mcneil
Matthew M.
18:19 19 Sep 20
Slow as ever. Never come to this place if your in a hurry. Minimal hour wait. Any other dispensary in ohio is quick and easy.read more
18:26 18 Sep 20
Herbology has the biggest selection and the lowest prices of those in the Akron area (Bloom, The Botanist). They routinely have 60+ flower options where the others only have about 20-40, and in half my purchases I’ve been able to use a discount. The staff has also always been kind and amenable.read more
Kaitlin Valentine
Kaitlin V.
18:33 12 Sep 20
This place is awesome, high quality good prices. The staff is super nice, and knowledgeable! I'm not sure if some of these poor reviews are for another location?? If you haven't already you should definately check it out for yourself!!read more
Debbie Rinaldo
Debbie R.
15:24 11 Sep 20
Great energy, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I felt very welcomed. Pleased with everything I've purchased so far.
Wyatt Schwartz
Wyatt S.
22:15 08 Sep 20
Great staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable! I will definitely be back.
Magda Mia
Magda M.
21:05 04 Sep 20
Completely unprofessional - sold me a $65 package of resin, when I opened it up it was leaking inside the packaging everywhere. I called and they said they would exchange it, after wasting 30mins driving back they told me they can’t. Never coming here again.read more
Gary Turner
Gary T.
03:32 02 Sep 20
Very helpful staff and no pressure
Anita Mantz
Anita M.
00:29 01 Sep 20
Staff is always friendly and very informative. They have a great selection of products and never disappoint!
Rockin Bob
Rockin B.
16:50 29 Aug 20
Save your money and go to the botanist. This place is selling shady products. Another customer showed me a cartridge that they sold him and it was completely black and they kicked him out of the building for showing Me. What a joke. The security guard even took his mask off and got in the customers face. Completely unprofessional. He shouldn't have a job that requires any sort of cognitive function. Sarah the assistant manager is even worse.read more
Jagex -
Jagex -
16:46 29 Aug 20
Awful customer experience. The cashier lied directly to my face and blamed me for their error. I thought all the bad reviews were mistakes untill I went to them. Parking is terrible, the security guards don't wear masks and just sits on his butt eating and looking at his phone. Never againread more
Darcy Angle
Darcy A.
15:57 27 Aug 20
I went here at the end of July. They couldn't find any information about me in the computer. Something was wrong with my card. Most people would of said sorry we can't help. Lucky for me that Kelly was waiting on me. She felt bad for my situation and called to find out what the problem was. My doctor forgot to add my recommendation to the card. She explained what I needed to do to fix it. I returned yesterday so excited to finally be able to go into a dispensary. When they ran my card it came up with no information again. Kelly was there and remembered me so she said she would help me. She called the place in Columbus and was able to fix the problem for me and I was so relieved. I was able to buy my medicine that day. Herbology really cares about their clients. Everyone there that day was so nice and helpful making sure that I had a great experience and got the best medicine to make me feel better. This will always be my favorite dispensary. Prices are great and they have a large menu to choose from. The bud tenders are knowledgeable about the product. If you aren't being treated right at your dispensary then check out Herbology.read more
Craig Ewing
Craig E.
19:48 09 Aug 20
Customer service was terrible. Ordered curbside and arrived at the location parked maybe 2-3 feet away from the curbside sign and proceeded to sit in my car for 30 minutes while on hold with them on the phone. Only after my husband called from his phone they finally picked up. So there security guard comes out and was condescending saying we didn’t park correctly. This was because we didn’t want to illegally park on a handicap ramp so they could see us on there poorly placed security camera. Never againread more
phillippe dominic
phillippe D.
01:03 06 Aug 20
Pam was super helpfull this Is my second time coming there and it was probably the best experience I’ve had she really knew what she was doingread more
20:32 06 Jul 20
Been going here since the day it opened. Loved it at first (great selection/friendly staff), however my experience has really gone downhill as of late. Menu has been pretty meh recently (mostly strains with low thc percentages), but what really shifted my opinion of this place is how rude & ignorant one of the staff members treats me. Seems like every time I go there this certain worker has a personal vendetta against me. Always gives me a hard time when I call and ask if they have any strains that are not on the menu on their website (which is never up to date). The rest of the staff is mostly helpful, but Botanist and Bloom blow them out of the water when it comes to professionalism. I’ve been going to these three dispensaries regularly for over 5 months and I can say with confidence that Herbology comes in last place.read more
melanie dudor
melanie D.
02:20 20 Jun 20
SO glad I found this place. Prices are amazing compared to another nearby one I've been going to for a while now, really happy to make the change over to Herbology from The Botanist.Everyone seemed pretty nice, although a little flustered but it was kinda busy. The one lady there printed out my medical card and laminated it for me and that was such a huge help because pulling it up on my phone a bunch is such a pain.Great selection, great prices, definitely recommend.read more
Chris Whitmire
Chris W.
21:55 18 Jun 20
Really nice people very clean . Very informative and knollageable
Tasmine Evans
Tasmine E.
13:54 28 Apr 20
BEST. PLACE. EVER! Not only was their staff EXTREMELY compassionate and super helpful, but they were SO knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly! The have a great variety and even better pricing (comparatively) I have been to almost all of the dispensaries around NEO, and this place is hands down the best! It should really be the gold standard. Even the manager was nice and funny and promised to keep the lowest prices possible!!!read more
19:19 24 Apr 20
I am a patient and work in the field of medical marijuana as well. I love Herbology's wide selection of product. They are always getting new products in and the staff is very educatedread more
Stacy Jolley
Stacy J.
20:26 16 Apr 20
I’ll be honest it was very nerve racking at first but the girl at the front desk was the most knowledgeable I feel felt a little let down after meeting with the people to explain more once ur called back to choose but I had no clue just told them about my pain and anxiety and then they showed me on a iPad my options. Other than that the experience was very cool and very understanding and very organized. Clean. Would go back for sure. Prices weren’t as bad as everyone says they are.read more
Twiggy Flacko
Twiggy F.
18:12 01 Apr 20
Shorty that helped me was very knowledgeable. Everybody seemed like good people. Staff at the front were helpful and nice. Butterfly Effect: Crushed Berries package lid does work properly for the employee that wanted to know.read more
Shaun Koher
Shaun K.
13:36 30 Mar 20
Pretty new patient. Have been to a few dispensaries around the state. Herbology signed me up quick the girl was very nice. Two budtenders were there. Different registers but I was the only patient in the room. Both talked to me like they had personally meditated. Their experiences and thoughts on different strains which was cool. Good to have honest opinions , other places try to sell me on percentages and prices. Prices are a little bit lower than other places near by. Good selection too. Maybe my new local shopping place.read more
jeremy long
jeremy L.
21:52 16 Mar 20
Loved herbology. Really helpful and extremely nice. First stop was great. Stopped in today to make a purchase and falls police sitting in the parking lot. Saw a huge hassle in the makings so I didn’t go it. Try again tomorrow.read more
Kelly Szczukowski
Kelly S.
15:17 15 Mar 20
Okay....Herbology Dispensary in Cuyahoga Falls, amazing experience! Let’s start with the awesome little lady at reception, she made my day, what a sweetheart 😊 she offered to print me out an actual copy of my card, which was great because I’m tired of pulling it up on my phone, first place that’s ever made me that offer, nice perk, thanks😊 I had a nice chat w my intake guy while he made me a profile, super cool dude! When I went in to make my selections (and man do they have some great selections 😄) I told my new friend what I was looking for and could he please do the work and w that I was able to purchase exactly what I needed! Love all my new friends at Herbology Dispensary Cuyahoga Falls Ohio!! They were awesome and I can’t wait to see them again, the kinda of peeps u want to hang out with. PeaceKellyread more
steve w
steve w
18:41 13 Mar 20
EVERYONE THERE IS SO SUPPORTIVE AND WONDERFUL! They make you feel welcome and really care about your needs and you are in no way rushed, they want what is best for you and aren't there for the money, they are all AN ANSWER TO PRAYER, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, LOVE YAread more
17:25 07 Mar 20
Herbology had almost every cultivator, great and friendly staff. The staff took the time to get to know me. Prices are very goodread more
Michelle Humphrey
Michelle H.
19:15 04 Mar 20
Super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of products. Warm and inviting atmosphere. Best dispensary in Akron by far!read more
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