Harvest of Ohio

Harvest of Columbus

2950 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43202

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

About Harvest Dispensary in Columbus

Harvest is a medical cannabis store now open at 2950 N High Street in Columbus, OH 43202.

Harvest dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Ohio Medical Card Get Started

Patient Registration Form

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What People Are Saying

victoria murphy
victoria M.
13:44 24 Jan 22
Customer service is obviously a priority. They are helpful, knowledgeable about the products and they are happy to help. Thank you so much. They are so organized and it has always been very clean and it's very easy to get your medicine. I can't say enough great things about this dispensary. Just wish some products gave me a better description of what I am buying from the website. Thank you for being there with the best medicine for me. Thank youread more
Mike Brubaker
Mike B.
20:03 22 Jan 22
This is the first dispensary I visited in state. Great staff - very friendly and helpful. Place was clean and looked well-kept.Harvest has a large range of products compared to many central Ohio dispensaries, at least based on competition's websites. Their variety allows you to shop based on flavor or effect. And the selection allows for a decent range of price options too, which is nice.I'll be back for sure.read more
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael F.
23:15 20 Jan 22
Great staff here. Reginald and Brock are very helpful and nice. Highly recommend this place..
Cames Jomey
Cames J.
19:23 31 Dec 21
Pretty average waiting area, basically dusty and not well kept. Very slow service, typically only have 2 tenders and the waiting area is very disorganized. Have been mischarged several times, I chalk this up to large inventory, but it’s happened the majority of the times I have been there (70% of the time my online estimate is not reflective of what I pay in the store). People are nice who work thereread more
Yaphet Preston
Yaphet P.
20:01 15 Dec 21
I can't explain how much I loved my experience at Harvest, this is my first time going since they've opened and I can really say this is one of the better dispensaries in the area, I’m going to start coming in here on the regular. Harvest sells great products and they have a wide range of what is available, it's also not overpriced. Customer service was excellent and I felt very welcomed by all the staff, I feel like the community really has something special here with Harvest. The process was really quick even though I am a first time customer & had to sign up. I can't wait to try out there deals, I will definitely be coming back!read more
Jodie McFee
Jodie M.
17:57 23 Nov 21
First time visiting. Had placed an online order the night before. Got text notifications to keep me up to date. Very friendly staff. Would love to see more Beneleaves products. Can't beat the 30% veteran discount!read more
Larry Edwards
Larry E.
22:30 20 Nov 21
Definitely not one of the better dispensaries around Columbus! The staff tries to be as helpful as they can, but they won't go out of their way to help! Most of the questions you ask, will be responded with, "I don't know" and their product is definitely not as high quality, as other dispensaries in the area.read more
Ashley Character
Ashley C.
19:04 11 Nov 21
Wow! I honestly cannot praise this place enough. From the sales person, to the set-up, prices and the knowledge of everyone I spoke to, I was thoroughly impressed. Such professionalism and kindness.read more
13:25 06 Nov 21
🔥🔥🔥 Experience here yesterday! Staff is great! Selection gets better and better every visit, and plenty of sales through out the week (They run an early bird everyday for the first hour open too). This is my go to shop now, only place I've been too where its a quick in and out on most days.read more
Kaitlin Crankshaw
Kaitlin C.
15:44 07 Oct 21
I really want to like Harvest. I really do. However, I had a not so great experience. I tried to buy something what I needed and was told that it exceeded my number of days. I showed the employee the chart differentiating Tier 1 be Tier 2 and how I had enough days to buy the half ounce I was looking for. The employee was less than friendly and told me that it was a 9 day product instead of the 6 which I would have had enough days for. She didn’t seek outside help to remedy the situation. Well, my days reset today so I went it to buy a similar product. While there I explained the issue from the day before and I was told I was right but there was nothing they could do about it. Now that my days have reset I was able to buy the product but it cost me dearly in terms of days. I’m pretty bummed about the experience. Other dispensaries have called me about my online orders not being able to be filled. I understand mistakes but this is my medication that I needed and the customer service was severely lacking.read more
Jarvis D. Smith
Jarvis D. S.
00:26 21 Sep 21
The team was extremely knowledgeable about the different products. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff. I am looking forward to my next visitread more
02:55 14 Sep 21
Extremely friendly staff. I’m sorry I didn’t catch his name, but the bud tender was extremely helpful. I told him what I usually get and he was able to suggest a better product. Thanks guys! Definitely will be back.read more
Kimberly graves
Kimberly G.
01:22 01 Sep 21
Amazing service! When I walked in I was greeted by Kristen. She was all smiles & very welcoming! When I was called back I Dustin took his time to answer all my question and never once made me feel foolish for asking them! I have never been to a dispensary that looked and felt as good as this one! I will be recommending The Harvest to everyone I know!Thank you Kristen and Dustin for making my experience great!read more
Sydne Benge
Sydne B.
20:57 29 Aug 21
Super easy to sign in and the selection and pricing are comparable to other dispensaries in Columbus. Friendly staff, clean facility. Highly recommend for those in the area!read more
Andrew Addison
Andrew A.
19:53 27 Aug 21
It was my first time seeing a dispensary in Ohio and I won't forget the experience. The staff was very knowledgeable of its products and really helped to make my visit an enjoyable one. 10/10 would definitely recommend. Can't wait to go back.read more
HighGass Lawn Care
HighGass Lawn C.
16:49 21 Aug 21
Amazing Staff, Great Wait Room Design, Beyond Satisfaction on Customer Service.
greg sullivan
greg S.
07:36 20 Aug 21
Five stars all around. discreet parking, friendly staff, beautiful facility. I cant wait for them to FULLY open this weekend!read more
Nick Malavenda
Nick M.
18:17 17 Aug 21
LOVE coming to Harvest. They have the best products and even better staff!
Alexis Jordynn
Alexis J.
17:04 17 Aug 21
Haven’t even been yet, but so excited to go. Have only heard good things
Kristopher Kirkpatrick
Kristopher K.
00:09 17 Aug 21
This is the nicest dispensary i’ve ever seen in my entire life. 10/10 experience.
Tara Rogue
Tara R.
20:31 16 Aug 21
I didn't know they opened just today and I was passing thru Columbus on my way south. Super friendly staff, great products and all around stellar dispensary. I'll definitely make this my go to shop when I'm in town.read more
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