From Our Archives: 5 OG Grower Articles

CANNABIS CULTURE – And why they still matter today.

Cannabis Culture Magazine published a variety of articles on How to Grow Cannabis. We interviewed growers of many different backgrounds, from experts to beginners, and came up with a series of articles on how to grow the best buds.

Thinking of that, we created a list of Cannabis Culture Best of Growing articles for you to get inspired!

1. Why Most Pot Sucks.

Cannabis is a plant, and it grows freely in nature. But when growing your own, there are a few tips that can make a grow to go from regular plants to fine Cannabis buds. Jason King shares four steps that many growers around the world often neglect. This article shows how to grow, flush, cure and handle cannabis properly to produce incredible plants and amazing medicine.

2. Root your toot.

The first step for starting an indoor grow is to choose the medium where you are growing your plants. In this article, DJ Short brings the advantages of using organic living soil over hydroponics, and how organic earth allows buds to produce flavours, tastes and effects which cannot yet be reproduced in hydroponic systems. Here you can

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