Eastern Band of Cherokee dispensary will not sell recreational marijuana on 4/20 – Blue Ridge Public Radio


Plans for the state’s first recreational marijuana sales are on hold as the Eastern Band of Cherokee announces their marijuana dispensary will only sell medical marijuana during its grand opening. The Great Smoky Cannabis Company dispensary will be the first in the state.

A joint statement issued by tribal leadership said there are still too many questions about the implementation of recreational marijuana to start sales in April.

“This is a process that cannot be rushed; there are numerous factors to consider so that we are able to make the best decisions as these are decisions that can have significant long-term impacts on our tribe,” the statement reads, according to the Cherokee One Feather.
“Work is continuing to progress with the executive and legislative branches, and we are committed to make sure that any administrative efforts and legislation concerning recreational cannabis use is implemented responsibly. We will continue to provide updates as we move forward.”

Lilly Knoepp

The Great Smoky Dispensary features three drive thru windows.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee announced the tribe’s dispensary’s open date in February. Tribal Council discussed recreational marijuana in February, but it has not moved forward. In January,

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