Does Ohio offer reciprocity for out-of-state marijuana cards?

No. Ohio does not currently recognize medical marijuana cards issued in other states. 

The law requires that the Board of Pharmacy attempt to negotiate and enter into reciprocity agreements with other states. However, Ohio has not yet entered into reciprocity agreements with any other states at this time. If Ohio does enter into a reciprocity agreement with another state, more information will be posted to the OMMCP website.

Before entering into an agreement with another state, the Board must determine that both of the following apply

(1) The eligibility requirements imposed by the other state in order to obtain a registry identification card are substantially comparable to Ohio’s requirements; and,

(2) The other state recognizes a patient or caregiver registration and identification card issued in Ohio.

When Ohio does adopt reciprocity of out of state medical cards, other states with active medical marihuana programs will offer reciprocity back. Certified patients would be able to use their Ohio med marijuana cards in several other states. Because who wants to go on vacation somewhere like Florida, and have to detox from doctor recommended medicine while spending thousands of dollars. There is even enjoy medical status dispensary menu prices in some recreational markets.

What is Medical Marijuana Card Reciprocity

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