Dental Dispensary Technician Temp to Perm – AlphaForce Technology Solutions – Cleveland, OH

Position: Dispensary Technician

Location: 10900 Euclid Ave, Ste 304, Crawford Hall, Cleveland, OH 44106

Duration: long term – Potential Temp to Hire

Pay-Rate: $14.13/Hr. on W2

Position Objective:

Working under moderate supervision, the Dispensary Technician 1 will provide in a professional manner the supply and equipment sterilization for nine dental clinic/graduate departments. The Dispensary Technician 1 will receive, process, sterilize and distribute all instruments used by student doctors in the dental clinics. The dispensary staff is responsible for the distribution of in-house dental material, clothing and chemicals on a daily basis.

Essential functions:

  • Receive and process instruments used by student doctors in the dental clinics. Scan student doctor ID and equipment into dispensary computer program. Scan equipment and cassettes received or dispensed. Issue and scan into dispensary program outgoing dispensary equipment/material by student number. Scan incoming dispensary equipment/material by student number. (10%)
  • After completion of sterilization, remove equipment from sterilizer. Place instruments into correct student bin. Verify name and student number with computer-generated labels applied after ultrasonicing. Perform biological assurance test on sterilizers for sterility on a daily basis. Notify supervisor of instrument cleaning or sterilization malfunctions. Receive, clean, sterilize, and dispense all instruments and devices associated with specialty clinics as directed. (10%)
  • Clean and sterilize all equipment and instruments used by student doctors in the dental clinics. Enter specialty pieces of equipment for sterilization. Follow infection control procedures regarding ultrasonicing and place cassettes in proper bags, and sterilization of instruments. After completion of sterilization remove equipment from sterilizer. (10%)
  • Distribute in-house dental material to the students, faculty, and staff. Keep detailed log of material to be charged to departments. Process and distribute dental in-house supplies by specialty departments. Materials are to be on a requisition form signed by the department head. Assemble kits/material packages for examinations. (10%)
  • Distribute in-house clean dental clothing to the students, faculty, and staff. Verify that unsterile coats/gowns are placed into designated container. Replace laundry bag with fresh bag. Annually assist new student doctors with sizing of lab coats. Assist new faculty with sizing and procedures for dropping off and picking up laundered coats. Monitor and notify the laundry services department when gowns/coats are not being processed on a timely basis to insure coats and gowns are available daily. (10%)
  • Distribute in-house dental chemicals. Prepare and distribute dental materials. Label each poured chemical with the correct chemical name. Preparation of material must be performed under a chemical hood wearing safety glasses, gloves, masks, and protective lab coat or gown. (10%)
  • Accept approved lab cases and paperwork from various dental laboratories. Notify Director of Quality Assurance when lab cases arrive for review. After cases are reviewed, sign out cases to appropriate student doctors by their preceptors or Quality and Assurance Director. Maintain accurate accounting of lab cases in and out of the dispensary, to lab and to the student. Gather and separate all lab invoices, leaving the notes from each incoming case for review. (10%)
  • Become familiar with approximately 1400 different dental materials and chemicals. Must be extremely accurate in unit dosing dental chemicals otherwise composition of material will be affected. (5%)
  • Daily stock the DMD clinics with sterilization pouches, barrier tape, chair covers, and sleeves. Check all sharps containers and replace when needed. Daily stock DMD x-ray rooms with sensor barriers, gloves and disinfectant. Daily stock dental lab with gypsums. (5%)
  • Review inventory in auxiliary storage areas and in the dispensary daily. Assess what supplies need to be ordered and prepare order request for supervisor to approve. (5%)
  • Responsible for issuance and recordkeeping of school owned leased equipment to students. Maintain meticulous records (agreements). Inspect for loss or damage of equipment. Notify manager of all repairs or losses. (5)
  • Pull supplies from the basement and nursing storerooms and put away deliveries. (5%)

Nonessential Functions:

  • Validate volunteer faculty parking. Keep daily records of stamp usage by name and department. Record should be submitted to the Office of Finance and Operations on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain accurate records for senior check out.
  • Photocopy various forms used in the dispensary.
  • Keep workplace clean. Wash shelves, dust mop floor, maintain sterilization equipment in a clean presentable appearance. Maintain cleanliness of entire area, as it is restricted.
  • Clearly label and update material bins.
  • Perform other assignments as requested by or supervisor. (paperwork, filing, preparing clinics for exams)


  • Department: Heavy daily contact with faculty and staff.
  • University: Minimal contact.
  • External: Daily contact with numerous outside dental laboratories, vendors and volunteer faculty and staff.
  • Students: Heavy daily contact with students.

Supervisory Responsibility:

  • No supervisory responsibility.


  • Experience: Previous dental or dental assisting background required.
  • Education/Licensing: High school diploma required.

Required skills:

  • Familiar with dental terminology and instruments.

Working conditions:

Sterilizers can be hazardous. If proper procedures are not followed, steam can cause severe burns. Dispensing and preparation of different dental materials (such as Ethyl Methacrylate, monomer, ploy acrylate resin, organic peroxide, Perm Hygenic, etc.) presents certain health risks to employees of the dispensary. All chemicals are measured and dispensed from a large container into unit doses under a chemical hood. Area is excessively warm because of sterilization equipment. On occasion, sharp tips of various instruments may protrude from cassettes, sterilization pouches. Employees must be very careful in handling or risk puncture wounds. Employee must have Hepatitis vaccine, must be able to work with a variety of personalities, and work under pressure.

Working hours will be extended during scheduled Competencies, Prophy Day, MOCK boards, Remediation, CDCA (Commission on Dental Competency Assessments) and WREB (Western Regional Examining Boards). At these times it will be mandatory for employees to work additional hours as instructed by supervisor.

Must be able to lift/unload boxes of merchandise on a daily basis, approximately 1 to 45 pounds.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $14.13 – $14.14 per hour


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday


  • Previous dental or dental assisting background: 2 years (Preferred)
  • dental terminology and instruments: 2 years (Preferred)

Contract Length:

  • More than 1 year

Full Time Opportunity:

Work Remotely:

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