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Nobody puts baby in a corner, but for decades Wilton Center put her up on the second floor. On Monday, Sept. 11, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted to eliminate a section of the Wilton Center zoning regulations that forbid dance studios from operating on the first floor of commercial buildings.

The request was brought by MCL Piersall, owners of several buildings in Wilton Center. In July, the group filed a request for a zoning text amendment to eliminate Paragraph O (“Studios of dance, photography, graphic design, painting, or similar artistic endeavors.”) from the list of prohibited uses on the first floor.

“This paragraph is a vestage [sic] of times past and is not reflective of the modern needs of Wilton Center,” the group wrote in the application. It went on to assert that second floor space is more appropriate for medical and financial offices and that a prospective tenant who is interested in opening a dance studio strongly prefers one of Piersall’s first floor spaces.

In June, GOOD Morning Wilton spoke with that would-be tenant, Manuel Trillo, a veteran instructor, competitor and Spanish TV personality. Trillo had hoped to open the doors to Arosa Ballroom Dance Studio at 44 Old Ridgefield

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