CU, Charlotte’s Web Partner to Study CBD’s Impact on Sleep and Anxiety

The University of Colorado Boulder has partnered with Charlotte’s Web to lead a study about hemp-derived CBD’s impact on two important qualities of life. CU Boulder’s Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health (REACH) center and the Colorado-based CBD company want their research to target sleep and anxiety, two of the most common reasons cited for CBD use.

Lead researcher Dr. Monika Fleshner has been at the front of facilitating the REACH center’s collaborations with the cannabis industry, with hopes to better understand cannabis-derived methods used to reduce prolonged stress exposure.

Since Colorado legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana, Fleshner had heard anecdotally about the benefits of CBD, the non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants. As cannabis consumption becomes less taboo, CBD in particular has been heavily marketed as a natural alternative for chronic inflammation, sleeping disorders, anxiety and pain, among other conditions, but marijuana’s federal prohibition has limited research. After hemp, which can also produce high amounts of CBD, was legalized for farming and research in 2018, the barriers to study its full potential after decades of federal prohibition cleared.

– Read the entire article at Westword.

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