CINNCINNATI, Ohio – Medical marijuana dispensaries can set-up shop at 56 sites approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy including dispensary locations near Cinncinnati. The state has been broken up by regions with a set number of dispensary locations in each.

Dispensaries will sell medical marijuana plant material for vaping, and in oil, tinctures, lotions, patches, and edibles. Ohio’s law prohibits smoking marijuana or growing it at home. Patients with one of 21 qualifying medical conditions can buy and use medical marijuana after registering through a certified marijuana doctor in Ohio. Patient registrations are expected to begin in July, 2018.

Provisionary Dispensary Locations Near Cinncinnati


Care Med Associates

5149 Kennedy Avenue – Cincinnati, Ohio


Green Rx

8420 Vine Street – Cincinnati, Ohio


Pharmacann Ohio

5445 Ridge Road – Columbia, Ohio


127 Oh

Village Of Seven Mile, Ohio


Cannascend Alternative

300 North Main Street – Monroe, Ohio


Therapeutic Healing Care

1525 Genntown Drive – Suite B – Lebanon, Ohio

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio [2018]

See the list of all 56 licensees and their locations here

There is a Sept. 8 deadline for Ohio to get its medical marijuana program up and running. Businesses waiting for a green light from the state will have less than six months to get their new ventures up and running in order to be ready by September.

Map of where medical marijuana dispensaries will open in Ohio

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