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Cannabis, which is found in various forms, has been the subject of debate for its medicinal properties for years. Now, The National Institute on Drug Abuse has agreed to the fact that “the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts can be used to treat symptoms of illnesses and other conditions.” Here’s one organization that was one of the firsts to realize marijuana’s medicinal properties decades ago. They invested heavily into the research and development of using cannabis as a healing agent and today they have grown from a local dispensary to become a prominent name in the cannabis market. Here’s their story. Let’s delve.

Traditionally, as a local dispensary, they have been held in high regard for treating their customers with utmost care. In an effort to give people holistic healthcare solutions, this group decided to include cannabis in their portfolio of medical services. They founded their cannabis brand after discovering that cannabis contains Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is a chemical that triggers the brain to make it function better without having the brain to go through a ‘distorted’ high. Cannabis also contains THC which is known for its pain relieving properties. Looking at these health benefits

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