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NUGS Announces New LA Dispensary Brand And Coming Cultivation Expansion

Cannabis Strategic Ventures (OTC:NUGS) recently announced the upcoming grand opening of the Company’s customer-facing cannabis dispensary brand, MDRN Tree.

The first Los Angeles location is expected to open sometime this fall.

Following the launch, the company intends to deploy another of its new licenses to establish an indoor cultivation facility with capacities to produce 2-3 lbs. of premium exotic cannabis flower per light per harvest.

The facility will have up to 1,200 grow lights and is anticipated to yield 5.75 harvests per year, bringing to a total production capacity of over 15,000 lbs. of cannabis flower yearly.

“After securing key licensing, we are wasting no time in deploying those assets to launch one of California’s top vertical cannabis models,” Simon Yu, CEO of NUGS commented. “MDRN Tree will be our factory retail store – our direct interface with our end-market community – where we plan on showcasing the cannabis flower produced at our NUGS Farm North cultivation site.”

PA Options for Wellness Opens Vytal Options Store In Fogelsville, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania-based medical cannabis research company PA Options for Wellness Inc. held a grand opening event on Saturday, October 9, for its fourth

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