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William Jane, an adult-use marijuana dispensary owned and operated by William Durham, has opened in Ithaca.

Durham is a Brooklyn native who’s lived mostly in Binghamton. He has a background in retail, construction and property investment.

“It’s been a lot of paperwork, a lot of phone calls, a lot of emails, a lot of restless nights. It’s been a mission, but I think we’ve succeeded at this point, at least up until this point, where we can do the rollout for the pop-up shop,” Durham said.

What You Need To Know A new adult-use cannabis dispensary owned by William Durham opened in Ithaca
It’s the first dispensary of its kind upstate, owned by an entrepreneur who was criminalized by cannabis prohibition
It’s a venture the governor said is helping to offset harms caused by disproportionate arrests

The dispensary is supported by the state’s Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund. It provides licenses to open on a short-term basis to start generating capital. In time, the pop-up should close for final construction and then re-open for the long-term.

A press release from the governor’s office added that New York values equity in cannabis licensing, and prioritizes

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