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Cannabis dispensary coming to Murray

Catching up: Community Board 1 approved (well, it was a no/unless vote, meaning as long as applicant follows the stipulations, it’s a yes) its first state-licensed cannabis dispensary for Murray, though there are a lot more coming down the pike.

Rezidue (ugh), owned by Nubia Ashley, will have 2800 square feet on three levels with an occupancy of 69; her hope in October (I am catching up) was to be open by the end of the year. As of now, the state is not issuing licenses for consumption, but the applicant said she will seek that eventually. (CB1’s Licensing Committee was rightly concerned about ventilation.) (The Office of Cannabis Management is not currently accepting applications for on-site consumption licenses — only for cultivators, processors and dispensaries. You can read more about the on-site consumption regulations here.)

I expected a lot more community opposition, but from what I could tell there was just one resident at the meeting. And she, a resident of 14 Murray next door, said she didn’t care if it was legal or illegal, she didn’t want to hear “one single thing” or endure loitering,

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