The Botanist Dispensary in Akron

46 South Summit Street
Akron, OH 44308

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10 – 7

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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A Botanist cannabis store located at 46 South Summit Street in Akron, OH 44308 is open.

Botanist dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio Medical ID Card.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

Discounts & Deals


Take $20 Off

Use the promo code VETERAN to get $20 off your online visit.


$15 OFF

Use the promo code MEDCARD15 to get $15 off your online visit.

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What People Are Saying

Denise Weinbroer
Denise W.
14:35 17 Jan 21
With hubby's health issues, they have been a Godsend! Quality products. Great security. Staff, can't say enough about more
23:31 12 Jan 21
"Just go somewhere else! This place is a complete joke these positive reviews must be from employees and employee family and friends. They mark up their prices 100%, are so uneducated and unprofessional. They don’t care about the patients only the money they make. The information given to patients who come in is mostly inaccurate due to their lack of knowledge and training. Don’t waste your time at this dump."read more
Stephanie Laramee
Stephanie L.
21:44 09 Jan 21
First time here. And I won't be returning. The atmosphere itself was bland and didn't make me feel comfortable, the people behind the counter were kind of snobby. I got that it was extremely busy day but anywhere else I've ever gone they're super nice and they're waiting rooms are just wonderfully more
Melissa Peppeard
Melissa P.
19:53 06 Jan 21
Always clean, very friendly staff and good product availability. I've never had a bad experience.... very professional!read more
Ashley Keith
Ashley K.
20:20 22 Dec 20
Staff was very nice and knowledgeable on the products. They all were their masks. Chris took my order and cashed me out. Thanks a lot and I hope to come back soon!read more
Ida Baughman
Ida B.
05:31 16 Dec 20
Knowledgeable and friendly, dislike exiting from rear of building. Feels way to secluded walking back to vehicle with more
Crystal Reeves
Crystal R.
06:56 13 Dec 20
1st time ever at this location. Very clean space, staff was mucho efficient & expeditious. Pleasant experience!
Angela Pollarine
Angela P.
13:13 11 Dec 20
The staff is extremely friendly & knowledgeable/helpful. The dispensary itself is nice as well. However, their prices are considerably higher on the same product as other local dispensaries so that deters me from going there almost every more
hector cruz
hector C.
20:48 25 Nov 20
I stopped at both The Botanist and Bloom in Akron. The Botanist definitely had lower prices and I loved the more chill atmosphere. Everyone was super helpful and kind. I will definitely be more
diana ritchie
diana R.
15:44 10 Nov 20
Great selection, but the exit from the building needs work, dumped out the back of the building by the dumpsters, just dosen't feel secure or safe to be leaving the building with such heavily guarded product. Would have rated it much higher if the exit just didn't seem more
Hoodius Octavious
Hoodius O.
08:46 19 Oct 20
Amazing state of the art medical shop, with a huge dailey menu for all of your medicinal needs, i highly encourage anyone with a med card to try out the edibles!!read more
Shane Rhodes jr
Shane Rhodes J.
01:19 08 Oct 20
Love love love the botanist!!! Always treat me like they’re excited to see me 10/10
kyle frye
kyle F.
18:14 07 Oct 20
Don't buy the pre-charged vapes because if the battery dies "thats the game you play buying the cheap ones" no refund or more
Jacob Ingram
Jacob I.
22:33 14 Sep 20
Seahorse Kim
Seahorse K.
19:19 12 Sep 20
Great place.. Friendly staff.
Kim Pease
Kim P.
15:30 11 Sep 20
Axaviar Burrows was the first person to help me at the Botanist in Akron when my 87 year old father started to need Medical Marijuana for pain. He could tell I was nervous when I came in and told me it would be ok. He spent alot of time explaining the products to me and helping me get the right thing for my father. When I went on line today and noticed that they did not have the same products I had been ordering, I won't lie I kinda panicked! I remembered Axaviar had given me a business card, so I pulled it out and gave him a call. He answered right away but explained he was no longer with the Botanist, but he was so sweet and pulled up their menu of produces and helped me to find something that would be similar. He also took the time to explain about the different products and the levels of THC and CBD and what worked for what. I wish him the best of luck, but it says alot about the Botanist also that they had hired someone like more
James Daher
James D.
20:38 31 Aug 20
Love everything about your store. Only thing to improve is pricing! Thanks for bringing the pressure ⛽⛽⛽read more
Ian DesVignes
Ian D.
16:26 25 Aug 20
David Godec
David G.
03:11 15 Aug 20
Best despensery in ohio ..... That I've been to atleast..... Keep it up
Victoria T
Victoria T
01:00 26 Jul 20
Great experience, fast, friendly, helpful staff. Joel was great in helping me get what I needed.
Ricky Early
Ricky E.
20:59 22 Jul 20
Terrible service. I am unable to wear a mask because of medical reasons and this place refused to let me in without one. I can't breathe with a mask on and they didn't care. Anyway Bloom medicinals is a much better place. The prices are cheaper too. Tax is included iniin the prices! I spent over $1,000 in this place last month and this is how they treat their customersread more
Justin Schoonover
Justin S.
19:34 22 Jul 20
Best selection of weed in the area! Extremely helpful staff always nice and polite. Always go to the Botanist!
Ray Doolittle II
Ray Doolittle I.
21:53 18 Jul 20
The staff answered all my questions and immediately relieved my stress over being new and nervous. It was fast and easy. Loved the experience .read more
Lori Hefflin Smith
Lori Hefflin S.
21:52 22 May 20
My staffer is great in assisting me with help in getting what I need. Staff is very polite and informative. Place is more
Steven Sledz
Steven S.
22:56 07 May 20
The Botanist Pharmacy is very clean. They have a good selection of products as the quality is exquisite. Always feel safe there, I think it may be more secure than Fort Knox. Veterans are welcome and will receive a 25% discount on more
Ran Zin
Ran Z.
19:32 06 Apr 20
I’ve never felt more compelled to leave a positive review. The Botanist staff helped me navigate an overwhelming new world.Tracy Dawson helped me initially, as well as Chris Meriweather. Both Tracy and Chris did an exceptional job of listening to my story. Chris helped to guide me in the right direction of what products to try, as well as products to avoid that may trigger/make symptoms worse. I can not thank Chris enough for the time he took to help we wrap my head around everything. Everyone there was friendly, eager to help, providing a relaxed experience. I will definitely be more
Sharla Cook
Sharla C.
21:03 19 Mar 20
This dispensary is incredible. I'm an introvert, and hate talking to people. But I've gone there since opening and they feel like friends. I look forward to interacting with them! There have been times I've been a little short and staff have opened their wallets to help. I've paid it forward and I'm sure others are the same. It's just a caring and beautiful atmosphere, the only errand I look forward to doing. Staff are knowledgeable and passionate about helping more
Elaine McGrady
Elaine M.
23:36 28 Feb 20
Going to the botanist is always a pleasant experience. The staff are friendly and patient. They are helpful in assisting me decide which product to purchase. I especially want to thank Axaviar for sharing his knowledge of the products. He was patient and very helpful. Always with a smile. I could’ve been getting on his nerves and never known. To all the staff, thank you for making me feel comfortable as a more
J Ried
J R.
22:40 28 Jan 20
Friendly knowledgeable staff and a great variety of products to choose from, from several different growers!¡!
J Ried
J R.
22:40 28 Jan 20
Friendly knowledgeable staff and a great variety of products to choose from, from several different growers!¡!
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