Blunt Truth: 50% of Gloves Are Contaminated


Wash your hands? Duh. Clean hands don’t spread germs.

Wash your gloves? Should you? Do you have to? Cliff notes to this blog; no, you should not have to wash your gloves. But truth be told, we had a lab test new gloves right out of the box and … if you saw what we found, you may think twice about needing to wash them before they touch your product.

The Dark Side of Cannabis Gloves

This story doesn’t start in a village far away; it starts a little over five years ago. We, at Eagle Protect, ordered a mix of gloves that were currently available for sale and sent them to a third-party lab for testing. 2,800 gloves from 26 brands, which included a mix of medical and food-grade gloves, were tested. All the gloves were new and unopened. We wanted to get a glimpse into what the status of the glove market actually was.

We were shocked. Our research found:

50% of the gloves were found to carry fecal indicators. Yes…components of poop were on half of the gloves. 260 unique and viable microbes were detected, including E. Coli, Listeria, Anthrax, Salmonella and you guessed it, Aspergillus.

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