bloom medicinals painesville township medical marijuana dispensary

Bloom Medicinals

1238 Conant St
Maumee, OH 43537

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

About Bloom Medicinals Dispensary Near Toledo

Bloom Medicinals Dispensary near Toledo is now open at 1238 Conant St in Maumee, OH 43537. 

Bloom Medicinals menu products are available to patients in Toledo with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!

Patient Registration Form

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What People Are Saying

Mark Lorenz
Mark L.
22:26 23 Nov 21
Best experience at a dispensary ever. The people posting that there is no military discount, is not even close to true. You do however, have to register your medical marijuana card with the state as being that of a veteran and supply the state of Ohio with your DD-214. All of the people I met there were friendly and professional, but I absolutely must single out Austin, behind the counter. He was very friendly and had some wonderful knowledge and insights on terpenes in my continuing quest for pain relief.As for the prices, I don’t understand some of the posts here bashing them. They are very much on par with other dispensaries in the area. In fact, Austin was able to recommend some edibles that were significantly less expensive than the last dispensary I used.I absolutely recommend this place and will be using them in the more
Jazer Liner
Jazer L.
07:17 10 Oct 21
Trash company. Crunchy dry flowers. Michigan is pretty close.
John Bolton
John B.
16:19 09 Oct 21
The staff is great . I really like the staff here , and the flower is very good , 25% discount for disabled or vets tax included . But the selection is very limited lately. , I don’t like going to Toledo ( only gives 20% discount plus tax for disabled ) or Michigan , but I go where I get the best flower for best price. I will definitely keep my eye on the menu . When they get a better selection , or at least a few of top strains back . I will return . Love the Ice cream cake and wedding cake .read more
matt wright
matt W.
15:04 24 Sep 21
Selection and product is great but what really stands out is the service I receive here. Since day 1 the staff at Bloom has treated me with the utmost respect and care. Shout out to Bloom employee Austin for always making me feel at ease and comfortable during each visit. He takes the time to explain everything and to this day has never steered me wrong. Highly suggest this place to anyone looking for more
19:59 16 Sep 21
Always have what I need, employees are great (Austin is fantastic!) and I’ve never had a bad experience. Hopeful the prices come down with the state approving more more
Brandy Cutchall
Brandy C.
01:42 16 Sep 21
I have been to Bloom 3 times now, all 3 I have had the same Budtender, and had a great experience. He has been so helpful answering questions and making sure I know about upcoming more
ar ch
ar C.
15:41 25 Aug 21
This is more the Company itself not the location.They display their number to call for help how to obtain your card. It goes to one place no matter where you call from.They display the helpful motto. Not so much.But when you get a call back you get a condescending individual who makes you feel stupid for not already knowing.If we are calling for help and because we truly want information don’t treat us like we should already know when you answer the question. That is the point of us calling.It may seem common sense to you but people who want to educate themselves don’t know. Periodread more
Tammy Brummett
Tammy B.
18:21 17 Jul 21
I have been going to Bloom maumee for a while now. I can say I am proud to buy from a woman owned company…It has been a challenge for me. when I Started going to purchase ……. But watching them work with customers, When I was there? And the personal attention they give is greatly appreciate. I have PTSD and find it hard to deal with some pubic Situations…. I regularly went to Rise dispensary but they lost the simple caring for customers I believe is needed in this industry . Thank you Bloom maumee for all your suggestions and kindness it’s very much appreciated in these time’s.Special shout to HARLEY you are so kind and knowledgeable respect and blessing to youread more
Robert Whitney
Robert W.
19:37 30 Jun 21
Great place with friendly staff. If they matched the Rise Dispensary 30% discount for Veterans they’d be perfect. I just love that store is located right behind one of my favorite childhood hangouts, Timbers Bowling more
Deborah Ann Lott
Deborah Ann L.
18:38 10 Jun 21
Had some initial problems. The staff has currently been very helpful and pleasant. Has hard to find merchandise.
Brooklyn Jacops
Brooklyn J.
12:48 14 May 21
Confused by the other reviews since it seems like the prices are about the same as the other dispensaries. Everyone was very friendly and made the experience more
Kim Chambers
Kim C.
10:01 20 Apr 21
The first time I went there ,it was a great experience, very helpful.Since Covid 19, you can’t look or smell , the product.And it always seemed like someone is getting trained.So it takes a bit to get an answer to your question.The online menu, needs to explain each product a little more.I do like where the dispensary is located.Very easy to get too.Hopefully now that Ohio is expanding, dispensaries, the price will come down some.I can definitely see this store more
Stef Reneau
Stef R.
17:10 07 Apr 21
This is a great place!They always have a really big variety of products to choose from and they product is always fresh and tasty.The people that work there are very kind and helpful.I also love their curbside service!Highly recommended!read more
Michelle's Nadeau
Michelle’s N.
18:21 20 Mar 21
Had an awesome first time experience, Just got my card and had no idea what I was doing so I was nervous and the staff was wonderful with me. Had no problems and the answered alot of my questionsread more
*Lori Ann*
*Lori A.
15:48 27 Feb 21
I was planning to come up and try out your dispensary today. I don’t go out often at all due to my illness so I go out once to get my meds for the month. But I have to say, after read those reviews, I changed my mind. If you don’t stand by the products you sell but instead make the PATIENT due the leg work for you, you should be marking your items down an employee discount. I usually spend around $500-$600 when I get the items I need so when fortunately I learned of this before I left. And I pray the other person got ahold of the Ohio Medical Marijuana advisory committee to let them know the troubles they had with this company. These are patients, Bloom people, patients in distress, so your either in 100% or get out of the more
Andrea Jackson
Andrea J.
15:42 26 Jan 21
I cannot express enough how helpful Jessica of Maumee has been for me. She listened and then went above and beyond to help me understand what would be the best products for my needs. I am so grateful for her in this unchartered times of my more
Megan M
Megan M
00:05 08 Jan 21
Don’t waste your time. Called ahead, was told I would get a call when order was ready but didn’t happen even after leaving my phone number. Called before leaving to ensure I didn’t need anything else as this was first time there (I’m a caregiver that resides an hour away from maumee). Everything was ready and they said that I didn’t get a call, even when providing my cell, because I wasnt a caregiver in their system yet. Brought my caregiver card, my license, a copy of the patients license (front and back) and the patients medical card. Was denied service because THEY needed to make the copy of the patients license. Was still denied even when I could show that I was a live in full time Caregiver. I was told I should ha e brought the patient ( who is bed ridden) the first time to fill out the paperwork. They called the general manager and was told not to accept it. Wow. 2 hour drive and my MS patient doesn’t have what they need. People try to take all of the proper steps, follow the rules, pay a higher price in ohio, call a head, yet due to poor customer service you are still better off just buying it off the streets. Sad. Now I see why people skip over Maumee and drive to Michigan. Thanks Bloom!read more
06:04 19 Dec 20
Awesome selection! Good prices! Friendly, knowledgeable, good looking staff! I was greeted nicely, professionally, and with smiles by everyone. I was nervous at first – as this was my 1st time here- and they quickly made me feel at ease. Since this was my first visit, I had registration papers to fill out. There were 2 people ahead of me and even with the paperwork, I was processed through to the back quickly! Knowledgeable staff guided me to the right product and gave me information I did not know. Overall experience: 10/10. Ill be a repeat customer. Kudos to Bloom!read more
Joshua Causer
Joshua C.
01:15 18 Dec 20
First time in the Maumee location and first time buying “live rosin” from an Ohio dispensary. Simple fact: this is not live rosin, nor does it look even remotely close to what they had for a picture on their website. The picture is of a sauce and terpene substance.The consistency isn’t even close and the color is brown and it’s almost like a clay that I can hold. I can only imagine what the ACTUAL thc content is. Won’t be buying from there anymore. 1 and doneread more
Patty Hendrix
Patty H.
19:36 03 Dec 20
Jessica was Extremely Helpful & Knowledgeable. She helped us understand what might work better for us.
Shyla Poeppelman
Shyla P.
18:28 23 Nov 20
These women do not know what they are doing up there. My caregiver was denied service today because he is also a patient. I have MS and my caregiver picks up my medicine for me, he is also a patient so his card states “patient/caregiver”. This apparently confused them therefore he was denied service.They did not know how to do the paperwork nor work the computer. This place should not even be operating under any type medical marijuana facility. We have had our cards for 3 years now and never patronized an Ohio dispensary for the very reason of not being educated about the card holders rights. You are better off going to Ann Arbor for their knowledge and prices. Have a seat Bloom and get a clue. You are an embarrassment to Ohio Medical Marijuana more
Matt Dille
Matt D.
16:27 14 Nov 20
I recently was here and purchased a product and when I opened it up and it was broken. I called back and asked if I could return this item they told me no you have to get a hold of the cultivator. Not only am I out the 65 dollars it cost I am also unable to use the product why is it my responsibility to contact someone else and you guys deal with these people on a regular basis. I paid you not the cultivator and was paying you for a product that I was expecting a useable product. I spend a decent amount of money at the place. Is this how you treat your customers that is very unappreciative of the establishment. I will take my business else more
Jacquelyn Duncan
Jacquelyn D.
06:19 24 Oct 20
Overpriced. Strawberry Fields in Dayton, Ohio sells some of the same products for $20 less. Out of control… stealing from medical patients in need. Shame on you Bloom!read more
00:59 20 Sep 20
I shopped here between December 2019 and April 2020.I stopped shopping here because the prices are WAAYYY too high!!Bloom used to have weekly sales, but they stopped having weekly sales as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Impeccable timing …As soon as Bloom jacked their prices up, I found another dispensary in town with most of the same products, but 20% off purchases of $200 or more.So, I go to the less expensive more
Shallen Martin
Shallen M.
15:52 19 Sep 20
Love this place. They have a good selection. I have only been in 2 dispensary’s in Ohio and by far this one is the best. Now that I’m closer to rise dispensary I go there but there not as good,there selection isn’t as good. Hopefully dispensary’s will be more like more
Marie Kirkendall
Marie K.
20:54 05 Sep 20
They laughed at me I when I walked in the door. Super rude ,super judgmental. Will not come back
Dee Steez
Dee S.
14:18 14 Jul 20
Not happy with pricing! I know it’s a young market,but how do you explain the wide price gaps? The same exact strain at Bloom is 64 with tax, while its 30 + tax at another dispensary in the same state!! To make it worse the other dispensary has a sale on it for 20% off the $30 price tag, making it $24!!This area (NW Ohio) only has 2 dispensaries, and it’s disappointing! We truly need more competition here. Look at the other areas cincy, Columbus, Dayton! Prices are lower and MORE options!!! Instead we get the same stale stains for 2 months, at questionable pricing!!!I will gladly drive 2 hours south! And it’s not only this strain, but many others! Do your research before getting ripped of here!!!read more
Robert Yaros
Robert Y.
10:05 01 Jul 20
I have always had a great experience coming to bloom medicinals I have been an Ohio patient over a year and I am impressed with how far its medical marijuana program has come.The product has got much better, but the prices still need to come down some.The staff at bloom is very nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend coming here to get quality more
Ariel DeLong
Ariel D.
12:55 23 Jun 20
Bloom always has way overpriced products. After being charged $180 for 2 cartridges that were .5g a piece and for a mediocre high, I will NEVER go back. You get a bonus star for good customer more
Lisa Stacey
Lisa S.
01:48 23 Jun 20
The staff was awesome and very knowledgeable. The ONLY reason they didn’t get a 5 is the prices are waaaaay too high!! I mean, seriously guys, how the hell do you come up with your prices??? PLEASE, PLEASE, revisit your pricing menu, then we wouldn’t have to go to Michigan so more
Justin Kern
Justin K.
11:19 22 Jun 20
Good flower, but WAY too pricey. Michigan shops accept ALL Ohio patients. Choices, quality, and prices are better in Michigan. Check out Remedii State Line in Morenci, MI to be more
Amber Pelfrey
Amber P.
22:51 11 Jun 20
Always positive staff with great information on anything you have a question about! Always a pleasure going to this location 🙂read more
John Bolton
John B.
15:08 08 Jun 20
Hate the new website format . It was so easy to navigate and choose items before . Now it’s a chore to navigate and find what I’m looking for. If your going to make changes , make it easier , not harder to shop. By the way , when will your concentrate prices come down . They are still very high. No pun intended . I can get a gram of terp sugar or shatter for $40.00 a gram in Michigan. Come on Ohio ,time to get on board . No reason it should cost so much for more
Elizabeth Farris
Elizabeth F.
20:31 06 May 20
Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly!!
Maggie Szaiff
Maggie S.
14:10 03 May 20
Great service great product but…to pricey.
John Bolton
John B.
03:50 18 Apr 20
The staff is great , the prices are getting a little better . Better then Rise in Toledo now. For flower anyway . Concentrate is still way over priced. I get concentrate in Michigan for $45.00 a gram . So I visit both places . I do want to support Ohio growers. But I still need my concentrates . So untill the prices come way down from $80.00 for half a gram here , I’ll go to Michigan for that .read more
Linda Rodriguez
Linda R.
11:16 03 Apr 20
ALWAYS a great experience there! Knowledgeable staff! Great prices!!
John Bolton
John B.
01:28 13 Mar 20
Staff is very friendly . But I drive all way from Toledo to come here . Three times this week , the computers were down . I was told I could wait in the lobby and see if the computers would come back online. But no guarantee . This NEVER happens in Michigan . So now I’m on my way to Ann Arbor to get my flower. . Better prices there any way .read more
John Bolton
John B.
17:16 12 Mar 20
I drive all the way from Toledo to come here . Three times this week , the computers were down . I was told I could wait in the lobby and see if the computers would come back online. But no guarantee . This NEVER happens in Michigan . So now I’m on my way to Ann Arbor to get my flower. . Better prices there any way .read more
Chris Cooper
Chris C.
22:16 08 Feb 20
The only reason I’m giving them a 5 star rating is the manager of Bloom is amazing!!!??
Richard Student
Richard S.
05:55 04 Feb 20
$540 an ounce. No thanks. I’ll drive to Michigan instead.
Chris Cooper
Chris C.
15:12 19 Jan 20
The most rudest people I’ve ever had to meet…. I have stage 4 Cancer and can’t see very well and my wife is my care taker and she has not received her care taker ID yet and she always goes back with me but this time the people were rude and very disrespectful to me and my wife I wish the manager was in there but she wasn’t…go to rise they offer 30%discount for vet’s and they’re very nice and willing to help you and not push you into a higher priceread more
John Bolton
John B.
17:33 11 Jan 20
Prices are still kinda of high . Selection is not that great . Lots of strains I’m not familiar with . And no description or reviews on lots of them . Some flower strains like honey are not the same lineage as from other dispsories . Very limited concentrates , and high prices on what they do have. I’m used to paying $20 to $40 for a gram of shatter in Michigan . Here its like $65 for a half gram . I get a disabled discount here , 25% , so I can only afford the cheapest flower most of the time . I still go to Michigan to get consentrates , like shatter , and crumble . The flower I get here is good. Just have to check lineage before I buy .read more
Chris Cooper
Chris C.
16:55 10 Jan 20
Great customer service and very nice
Randy  Mead
Randy M.
18:32 19 Dec 19
To expensive I will buy from black market
Russell Squire
Russell S.
12:20 09 Dec 19
Still pricey but good quality and a great staff
Kelly Smith
Kelly S.
03:20 08 Dec 19
Very helpful folks
John Bolton
John B.
14:34 25 Nov 19
This placs is a rip off . They advertise one price , then when you get there , the price doesnt match . I wanted to buy 5.8 grams of a specific strain. They advertise it on their website for $77.70 . So I went in to buy some. They advertise that they give 20% of for disability recipients or Vets. So I asked for 5.8 grams , they told me it cost $77.70 . I told them I am disabled and it says so on my card. But they said they already give everbody 20% off . So I cant get my 20% disaability discount. So I went to Rise in Toledo . They gave me the discount . I got it for $66.00 . So go to Rise on sylvania ave . In Toledo . Better prices. And this place doesn’t even open untill 12:00.. . What bussiness opens at noon ,?read more
Bill Cherry
Bill C.
21:10 15 Oct 19
Very friendly people and very knowledgeable about the product they sell
Jackie Corfman
Jackie C.
18:11 13 Oct 19
Friendly staff, great products
Jackie Corfman
Jackie C.
18:11 13 Oct 19
Friendly staff, great products
John Bolton
John B.
00:11 10 Oct 19
This placs is a rip off . They advertise one price , then when you get there , the price doesnt match . I wanted to buy 5.8 grams of a specific strain. They advertise it on their website for $77.70 . So I went in to buy some. They advertise that they give 20% of for disability recipients or Vets. So I asked for 5.8 grams , they told me it cost $77.70 . I told them I am disabled and it says so on my card. But they said they already give everbody 20% off . So I cant get my 20% disaability discount. So I went to Rise in Toledo . They gave me the discount . I got it for $66.00 . So go to Rise on sylvania ave . In Toledo . Better more
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