bloom medicinals painesville township medical marijuana dispensary

Bloom Medicinals

1361 Georgesville Road
Columbus, OH 43228

Hours of Operation

10am – 7pm Daily

About Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Columbus

Bloom Medicinals is a medical cannabis dispensary location now open at 1361 Georgesville Rd in Columbus. 

Bloom Medicinals dispensary menu products are available to patients near Columbus and throughout Franklin County with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

Discounts & Deals


Take $20 Off

Use the promo code VETERAN to get $20 off your online visit.


$15 OFF

Use the promo code MEDCARD15 to get $15 off your online visit.

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What People Are Saying

Vic Rob
Vic R.
20:30 16 Apr 21
I ordered a half oz or flower online and they didn’t have it so someone just put a 8 gram flower instead and didn’t call me. That was not ok. I didn’t want that so I just wasted all this gas. I would give them one star but they do have a good veterans discount so two more
Vanessa Popham
Vanessa P.
23:07 11 Apr 21
They do false advertising they tell you if your here before 7 we can see you as long as your not a new PT. They closed their doors 15mins early and wouldn’t let an existing PT in that had drove over an hour after work just to get there. Thank goodness she didn’t place an online order as they had suggested because she would have wasted not only her time but money on gas for multiple more
Bonsai Guy
Bonsai G.
17:20 20 Feb 21
This used to be my favorite dispensary.. The staff are incredible and all the products and prices are usually great, that is, if you ever get in. I have been turned away at least 5 times after waiting in line for over an hour. Once, at 6:30pm (they close at 7) I was told that no more patients will be let in because they can't complete an order after 7. Makes sense. So much sense, that you should have a sign on the door. I had been in line already for an hour. Yesterday, a staff member encouraged me to cancel my order entirely instead of waiting in line behind 45 people for an estimated wait of 2.5 hours. Good suggestion. I went to Terrasana instead and was helped in no time. This facility has an inability to manage their customer flow and until that problem is solved, I will not be wasting my time placing orders that I will inevitably have to cancel. If you are attempting to visit this location, make sure you have at least 3-4 hours to dedicate to the process to be sure you'll get your medicine. If you have pressing things like a job or responsibilities or a life spent not waiting in line, there are other options available to you without all the stress and more
Cesilia Suazo
Cesilia S.
15:44 07 Feb 21
Was disappointed with their selections and prices as well as on a few occasions had to wait 3 hours just to get an order. They tend to lie about keeping customers waiting and how they are going as quickly as possible. Even making another lie to cover why they are so slow. I got severely sick last time I had to wait in their line outside. Since then I haven't went back and have been going to a better dispensary that handles their customers professionally and doesnt make them wait in the rain and cold. If I could leave 0 stars for Bloom I more
Jorden Doubledee
Jorden D.
20:33 01 Feb 21
This was my first time using a medical dispensary and it was a good experience. The girls that checked me in were very nice and even printed and laminated my card. After that when I went in to the shop they were very nice and explained everything to me and helped me choose what I would like. They also explained to me more about how the medical card more
16:07 31 Dec 20
Excellent experience every single time. They make it so easy and pleasant....unlike every other dispensary in the Columbus area. They also have been extremely kind and helpful to my elderly mother who is a first time user looking for pain relief. Words cannot express how much that means to me! Outstanding establishment, staff and more
Whitney Theobald
Whitney T.
22:42 13 Dec 20
Bloom was the first dispensary I have used since I got my card. They were very efficient and kind. Know the product well and have great employees that take pride in their work. Definitely recommend to any family or friends!! Austin is who helped me and he was very patient and kind. I was nervous at first being my first time because I didn’t know what to do. He definitely helped me and I appreciate his kindness!read more
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