bloom medicinals painesville township medical marijuana dispensary

Bloom Medicinals

1361 Georgesville Road
Columbus, OH 43228

Hours of Operation

10am – 7pm Daily

About Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Columbus

Bloom Medicinals is a medical cannabis dispensary location now open at 1361 Georgesville Rd in Columbus. 

Bloom Medicinals dispensary menu products are available to patients near Columbus and throughout Franklin County with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

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What People Are Saying

Benjamin Frankenhoff
Benjamin F.
19:46 04 Jan 22
3 stars seems generous. Expect anywhere from a 20 to 60+ minute wait here for any reason. Staff members here seem to always be stressed and I understand why with the amount of customers they have. What keeps me from coming here for major purchases is their prices are high, they rarely have sales, and they have sold me some questionable products before with poor quality in my opinion. The only convenience of coming here is the location. I do like this place, they just seem to be going more
23:46 03 Jan 22
Meh service. They do not offer daily deals like most other businesses (call a head to be safe). Higher prices than other facilities for the same exact item. $9 dollar difference.Body language says, "I don't want to deal with you."...kinda customer service when asking questions.The only excitement I got out of a human employee in this place, besides the fellas who let me get skipped in line, was the man that rudely said "wrong door" in a "duh" kind of tone.Oh...okay...I see you Bloom Medical. Fail tonight more
Bloom Sucks
Bloom S.
00:01 31 Dec 21
Made an order and it said I had until 8 to pick it up. Drove 35 minutes one way to be told that I need to come back tomorrow. I get that you’re short staffed but you need to let people know that their orders can’t be filled BEFORE they get to the store. That’s pretty basic more
Russ Detrick
Russ D.
15:45 26 Dec 21
Do not go here. This place used to be the best I've spent thousands. Great prices and reasonable wait times. However in the last few months they have crashed and burned. They only open one register at a time, the regular wait is an hour just to get in the building or they randomly turn you away because they can't handle the volume. They clientele is rough and they allow people to yell, curse and do drug deals over the phone right in the lobby. Rediculous. Hope they more
barbara taylor
barbara T.
19:55 29 Nov 21
I went there 2 weeks ago and got Isaiah to help me. He was very nice and was very knowledgeable and he had no problems taking his time to help me..I will be going back and requesting Isaiah.. knowledgeableread more
jaime Sowards
jaime S.
04:50 16 Nov 21
I just went into Blooms for the first time and I was so impressed. Everyone was so professional and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what I needed. Everyone was also caring and nice. It was the best experience!read more
Rae Williams
Rae W.
19:09 15 Nov 21
Kyle from the Columbus branch is so patient. I needed more help than normal and he never got frustrated at all. Just so very helpful. So, thank you so very much Kyle!I will be back!read more
Melissa Priscilla
Melissa P.
19:56 10 Oct 21
Loved this dispensary! Great product & discounts. Very knowledgeable & considerate team members. Had a great experience with Jake* (Jacob)Definitely will be back 🍁read more
Jae Neal
Jae N.
00:31 05 Oct 21
I was in search of a new dispensary and I found this one. I am ready glad that I did because the entire staff was super pleasant! I told them my experience at other dispensaries and they were sympathetic to my plight. I could be mistaken, but I think they may have even had a larger variety of product to choose from. I highly recommend this location!read more
Kathy McKinney
Kathy M.
04:25 16 Sep 21
First time visiting… I had a doctor appointment in Grove City and decided to try this one since I was there (and I got a nice disability discount!). The staff was amazing from start to finish! I hadn’t brought my glasses in, and couldn’t see the tiny print on the paper menu, and I was offered a lighted magnifying glass!! So helpful!! I’ll be going back, for sure!!read more
Trisha Biggs
Trisha B.
22:06 18 Aug 21
Great place, usually in and out within 20 minutes. You can also place an order online which makes it super easy. They have a free ATM inside because they ONLY TAKE CASH. Highly recommend everyone I've talked to has been super nice and super helpful. Also if you check the website they usually have different sales more
12:38 05 Aug 21
I have been coming here for almost a year and not once have I ever had a bad experience. They never rush you. They always take their time answering any questions you have. They help figure out what terpenes work best for your medical condition. They even know me by name and face. I would never go to another distillery because I can guarantee you, that you will not get the service as you do at Bloom! Kyle, Gavin, and Nathaniel…thank you so much for all you do and the care you show. You are very much appreciated!read more
14:41 03 Aug 21
With great sales. Bloom might have the best prices in Columbus. I love the fact that they have good sales, on good product. The folks working behind the counter are extremely friendly, and genuinely want to help. I can not stress enough how good the sales are here.My biggest issue with Bloom is their crowd control. You're almost guaranteed to be waiting a minimum 10 minutes before they let you enter. After you're able to enter. You then check in. Once you're checked in, you're most likely going to wait another 5 minutes. I don't have a problem waiting, but the way they have yu wait is somewhat obnoxious.The main room is way to loud, and dark. I've only been to the Columbus location. However, I really think Bloom could use a redesign to be a little more more
Retro Crypt
Retro C.
21:08 28 Jul 21
Went to this dispensary for the first time today. I usually go to POW London. I was very pleased with my experience! Their menu is much better than London, they have a bigger selection and it contains many of the rarer strands I cant get at POW. They were very professional and friendly! I will be returning soon snd maybe going here from now more
22:11 07 Jul 21
Amazing service always! This place is great, it's one of two dispensaries I'll give business to. I wish they would add curbside pickup though, like Pure Ohio Wellness has. I also wish we could give tips. - but that's the law, not Bloom's fault. A man named Cody that works there told me to try Northern Lights and I can't thank him enough, I feel amazing from it. This is a really friendly and nice place to visit, I always leave more
Lacey Doll
Lacey D.
16:14 02 Jul 21
I had an issue with a product that I purchased there and they got the issue resolved quickly. As an impatient person, I really appreciated this!! Nathaniel was very informative on a good product to purchase. I am very happy with my new product. I’ve dealt with a lot of the staff there. They are professional, patient, knowledgeable of the products and extremely kind !! They have an awesome selection and I will continue to go here for my medical marijuana needs!! Thank you Bloom 🙂read more
Randy Pauley
Randy P.
19:28 01 Jul 21
This was my first visit and there were some minor registration issues. But the management and staff went above and beyond and helped work them out. They were generous with their time and had an excellent attitude. All around great experience. Highly more
Tim Davidson
Tim D.
23:32 04 Jun 21
Definitely can't rely on certain ppl to add your days up correctly! I had an employee say oh yea u have 2 points left l, then I drive 45min away to find our she can't do simple addition and I wasted $10 in gas for nothing!! Crazy thing is she added the up twice and was wrong BOTH times!!! I'm sticking with PureOhioWellness from now on!!read more
Kayla Alvarado
Kayla A.
21:53 26 May 21
I am updating my review for Bloom as I do feel they have made significant changes to their program. First off, thank you Bloom for the new wait system, much better. The wait at Bloom since this new system has been introduced has been awesome. I usually I wait maybe 10-15 mins at the most. The people that work for Bloom are super nice, especially Chastity. The product is great even though its over priced compared to other dispensaries in the area...I like going on sale days if possible, but the employees tend to have a hard time with pre-orders especially on sale days. Multiple times I have placed a pre-order and get to Bloom & lo and behold they put a random item or two in my bag & then are sold out of the sale item, I have also had this happen with items that I wanted that were not in sale....So it is what it more
Kayla Alvarado
Kayla A.
21:45 06 May 21
I am updating my review for Bloom as I do feel they have made significant changes to their program. First off, thank you Bloom for the new wait system, much better. The wait at Bloom since this new system has been introduced has been awesome. I usually I wait maybe 10-15 mins at the most. The people that work for Bloom are super nice, especially Chastity. The product is great even though its over priced compared to other dispensaries in the area...I like going on sale days if possible, but since the new waiting system I honestly prefer coming to Bloom bc other dispensaries still have people waiting outside & don't seem to be making improvements like Bloom more
Vic Rob
Vic R.
20:30 16 Apr 21
I ordered a half oz or flower online and they didn’t have it so someone just put a 8 gram flower instead and didn’t call me. That was not ok. I didn’t want that so I just wasted all this gas. I would give them one star but they do have a good veterans discount so two more
Vanessa Popham
Vanessa P.
23:07 11 Apr 21
They do false advertising they tell you if your here before 7 we can see you as long as your not a new PT. They closed their doors 15mins early and wouldn’t let an existing PT in that had drove over an hour after work just to get there. Thank goodness she didn’t place an online order as they had suggested because she would have wasted not only her time but money on gas for multiple more
Matthew Rowles
Matthew R.
20:21 21 Feb 21
This place is generally ok, but they have some serious issues to address. If you are able to get there during the day, you’re probably going to be ok if you are willing to wait in a line for a minimum of 30 minutes just to get in the door and then another 15 to get into the back room. If you’re like me and work until 6, and have to drive 30 minutes to get there, you’re screwed. They claim it is state law that prohibits them from having a transaction after 7pm, but I happen to know for a fact that is BS. The legal sale cutoff time in Ohio is 9pm... the 7pm rule is made by their corporate office. The issue is that they lock the doors between 6:30-6:45 “depending on the line”. When I called from the locked front door, it rang a dozen times before someone answered the phone and said “we’re closed”. Their posted hours are 10-7, but that is a flat out lie. I realize they don’t need to have good customer service because there’s not enough competition for them to have to earn your business, but this is more
Bonsai Guy
Bonsai G.
17:20 20 Feb 21
This used to be my favorite dispensary.. The staff are incredible and all the products and prices are usually great, that is, if you ever get in. I have been turned away at least 5 times after waiting in line for over an hour. Once, at 6:30pm (they close at 7) I was told that no more patients will be let in because they can't complete an order after 7. Makes sense. So much sense, that you should have a sign on the door. I had been in line already for an hour. Yesterday, a staff member encouraged me to cancel my order entirely instead of waiting in line behind 45 people for an estimated wait of 2.5 hours. Good suggestion. I went to Terrasana instead and was helped in no time. This facility has an inability to manage their customer flow and until that problem is solved, I will not be wasting my time placing orders that I will inevitably have to cancel. If you are attempting to visit this location, make sure you have at least 3-4 hours to dedicate to the process to be sure you'll get your medicine. If you have pressing things like a job or responsibilities or a life spent not waiting in line, there are other options available to you without all the stress and more
Cesilia Suazo
Cesilia S.
15:44 07 Feb 21
Was disappointed with their selections and prices as well as on a few occasions had to wait 3 hours just to get an order. They tend to lie about keeping customers waiting and how they are going as quickly as possible. Even making another lie to cover why they are so slow. I got severely sick last time I had to wait in their line outside. Since then I haven't went back and have been going to a better dispensary that handles their customers professionally and doesnt make them wait in the rain and cold. If I could leave 0 stars for Bloom I more
Jorden Doubledee
Jorden D.
20:33 01 Feb 21
This was my first time using a medical dispensary and it was a good experience. The girls that checked me in were very nice and even printed and laminated my card. After that when I went in to the shop they were very nice and explained everything to me and helped me choose what I would like. They also explained to me more about how the medical card more
16:07 31 Dec 20
Excellent experience every single time. They make it so easy and pleasant....unlike every other dispensary in the Columbus area. They also have been extremely kind and helpful to my elderly mother who is a first time user looking for pain relief. Words cannot express how much that means to me! Outstanding establishment, staff and more
Whitney Theobald
Whitney T.
22:42 13 Dec 20
Bloom was the first dispensary I have used since I got my card. They were very efficient and kind. Know the product well and have great employees that take pride in their work. Definitely recommend to any family or friends!! Austin is who helped me and he was very patient and kind. I was nervous at first being my first time because I didn’t know what to do. He definitely helped me and I appreciate his kindness!read more
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