bloom medicinals painesville township medical marijuana dispensary

Bloom Medicinals

737 East North Street
Akron, OH 44305

Hours of Operation

10am – 7pm Daily

About Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Akron

Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Seven Mile is now open at 737 East North Street in Akron, OH 44305.

Bloom Medicinals menu products are available to patients in Seven Mile with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Michelle Kenyon
Michelle K.
21:42 06 Jul 21
It's wonderful to see people's faces again. It really makes for a brighter day. I'm new to the area. I'm from Michigan and have to say that the bud tenders are awesome, the staff is helpful and the prices are higher than Michigan but I believe the quality is better here in Ohio. Bloom is my go to place. Thank youread more
Mr. Pink
Mr. P.
13:32 16 Jun 21
Don't go here, Horrible staff, Horrible owner, not Veteran friendly. Bad location.
Kristina Shumski
Kristina S.
15:17 26 May 21
My happy place. Fast . friendly. Convienient. Kind. Love bloom.
Bill Toto
Bill T.
22:16 22 May 21
Normally this is a fantastic place. However I placed an online order for 2 CBD rich vape pens from Firelands Scientific. I arrived and got both in a bag and the rep went over the charges. When I got home I opened one of the pens and when I used it I immediately realized it was NOT a CBD dominant plant. In fact it wasn't even what I ordered. It ended up being a high THC strain of a sativa plant. I called the next morning to both let them know of this terrible error and to ask to switch it out for what I actually ordered. I was told all sales were final and it was my responsibility to inspect the product before leaving. Mind you my order was already stapled I to a bag and the rep went over the receipt which was correct. So moral is don't trust anything here. Visual check and recheck or you could be in for an awful more
Charles Talbert
Charles T.
05:44 03 Apr 21
Snowy (Snowy)
Snowy (.
17:08 24 Mar 21
This location beat out every other Akron dispensary to date. I'll be traveling from Streetsboro to Akron in order to buy my medicine. They also have a Patient Specialist via Phone now who can assist with questions- awesome! I also LOVE the online menu set up; every update has been better than the last!read more
Chandi Collins
Chandi C.
23:06 06 Mar 21
Knowledge staff. Order online and pickup in store. Parking could be better but it’s as good as it can be for the locationread more
23:03 26 Dec 20
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thank you Rob for your recommendations! Will return soon.
Jake Westfall
Jake W.
01:16 19 Dec 20
My go to dispensary. Bloom Medicinals has a great selection with amazing and helpful employees. Highly recommend to anyone looking for medical Cannabisread more
Scott Pool
Scott P.
13:27 26 Nov 20
Be careful of this place... my last 3 orders did not match the weight that was listed on their label after I purchased the product. I weighed the product at home and I was shorted big time... not cool getting ripped off!!! I even took a picture to show them... and they said there was nothing they could do!read more
Margaret Bradford
Margaret B.
04:14 30 Jun 20
By far the place to go in the Akron/Canton vicinity. Employees know clients by name and actually remember who we are. Great selection in products and the prices are low. Their weekly deals are very varied and reasonable so you can find deals on a wide amount of products. When I have had an issue with a product, I was able to bring it back and had the option to replace or receive store credit. I also like that I can place my orders online or by phone, and come pick up. I don’t really bother with any of the other dispensaries in the area anymore as they just don’t more
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