Billings City Council Discusses Dispensary Caps | News | – KULR-TV

Monday night, Billings City Council members continued their discussion on the marijuana industry.

They’re working on rules and regulations for cannabis, in the event voters say “Yes” to recreational marijuana sales in November.

Council members focused on dispensaries, specifically the licensing process, and how many marijuana businesses could be allowed to open in Billings if voters allow recreational sales.

On the licensing process, City Council talked about a possible lottery system, where business owners would apply to get a recreational license, and would be selected randomly.

They also discussed capping recreational and medical dispensaries within city limits.

Last week, the council passed a 90 day moratorium on new marijuana businesses, meaning there won’t be any new ones allowed to open until the council has a better idea of how they want to handle the industry.

During public comment, one woman said there are already enough regulations on marijuana.

“You’ve all made up your minds that we are all bad people selling toxic drugs, that will eat the children’s brains, and ruin our precious town. What you need to be concerned with, is the meth, gambling, and alcohol, which has already ruined this town, but now our industry has to pay the price with over regulation, and

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