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Green Springs Medical is currently fighting to stay open after the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board revoked its medical marijuana license due to multiple violations.

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. — The owner of Green Springs Medical, the first dispensary in Arkansas to have its medical marijuana license revoked, appeared in court on Wednesday.

We were the only news station in the courtroom to hear the testimonies.

Attorneys for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC) and Dragan Vicentic, the owner of Green Springs Medical, appeared before Garland County Circuit Court Judge Kara Petro.

The judge will decide whether or not to allow the dispensary to continue operations temporarily.

After four witnesses testified, the arguments boiled down to a few factors.

Attorneys for Vicentic said the expired medical marijuana products did not cause harm to patients, and he did not endanger them. The only damage happening is to Vicentic’s livelihood. 

They hope the judge issues Vicentic temporary operations of the dispensary. In the meantime, he said he would sell the dispensary for $3 million.

The ABC attorney said Vicentic repeatedly sold expired products even when he was told to

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