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The small number of legal cannabis dispensaries opening in Hell’s Kitchen are still facing competition from hordes of illicit stores — including some that are rebranding and reopening after being padlocked and closed down by law enforcement.

Nicklz on 8th Avenue has opened as the second NYC Licensed Cannabis Dispensary in the neighborhood. Photo: Dashiell Allen

Some stores that are not licensed cannabis dispensaries are saying they have NY State licenses to sell hemp products, while others are removing more obvious weed-related signage and rebranding as “convenience stores.” 

Two weeks ago cannabis dispensary Nicklz (797 8th Ave bw W49th/49th St) became the second licensed cannabis dispensary to open in Hell’s Kitchen, following Indoor Treez (584 8th Ave bw W39th/38th St) in April. Cannadreams, at 862 9th Ave and W56th St, will be a close third when it opens later this summer. 

Times Square Alliance President Tom Harris is celebrating Nicklz’s opening as the next step in ushering in a new era of legal shops in the neighborhood.

Times Square Alliance President Tom Harris (left) has been working with local officials to clamp down on illegal weed stores and trucks. Photo: Phil O’Brien

A spokesperson for Nicklz told us the dispensary’s goal

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