Akron cultivator sues state over stalled expansion request

ice cream COLUMBUS – An Akron medical marijuana grower says Ohio regulators are “punting” on a decision to allow the company to expand to meet patient demand.

Fire Rock Ltd., a “level II” small-scale grower, sued the Ohio Department of Commerce in the Ohio Supreme Court last week over the agency’s inaction in its request to expand. Without a decision, Fire Rock has no way to appeal and move forward, so the company is asking the court to force the agency to act.

“This is an unfortunate position given that medical marijuana patients are the ones that are ultimately harmed,” attorney Argeri Lagos wrote in the complaint.

The Ohio Department of Commerce did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Feb. 1, 2020, Fire Rock requested permission to expand from 3,000 square feet of growing space to 6,000 square feet. The company sent another letter on June 15 asking about the status of its request.

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