about wellness lebanon ohio marijuana dispensary

About Wellness

1525 Genntown Drive
Lebanon, OH 45036

Hours of Operation

MON – FRI: 9AM – 7PM
SAT: 9AM – 5PM

About Wellness Dispensary in Lebanon, OH

About Wellness Ohio is a medical cannabis dispensary location on 1525 Glenntown Drive in Lebanon. 

About Wellness dispensary menu products are available to patients near Lebanon and throughout Warren County with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

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What People Are Saying

arnold bowman
arnold B.
12:10 23 Nov 21
I’ve been to a few dispensaries and I must say Ohio wellness in Lebanon Ohio is the best for products and customer service is outstanding they make you fell comfortable and I love that they remember my name.read more
Brad Kelley
Brad K.
23:36 18 Nov 21
If you want to get something you didn't buy, go here. I've had more than one employee tell me that they aren't responsible for the products they sell. I spent $60 for a Sour Diesel cart only for it to be built differently than the one I bought at another dispensary. Wasn't told by a single employee that dispensaries often sell carts that are built differently from one you may get at another dispensary. They've come to the conclusion that whatever they sell to you they're not responsible. Fun right? Not a place I wanna go back to. Would you?read more
Buffalo Jones
Buffalo J.
15:24 04 Nov 21
They used to have the best online menu of all Dispensaries. Now it's been changed and it doesn't appear to work so i quit going here.My other complaint is their phone system. You have to play the phone lottery in order to get through and place a phone order. I've been to this establishment hundreds of times. I 've seen how much money gets handed over to them. I feel like they could easily afford a better phone system that you can wait on hold.read more
Cody Hewitt
Cody H.
16:42 30 Oct 21
Place needs to work on their customer service skills tried calling them on several occasions for an hour straight no one answers their phones. A couple of the staff are pretty nice and knowledgeable other than that this place sucks. Tried calling them yesterday to see if they still had the strand that I liked that was on their menu no one answered so I drove down to the store get there and they don't have it said they just sold out. I am not impressed and will be going to Columbia Care or mad River remedies from now on outread more
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey W.
16:56 25 Oct 21
Good supply and nice people. Nice environment. But would be nice for them to answer the phone at least some of the time. I've been here 4 times and each time before I go I try to call ahead so I don't have to wait the dreadful 45mins in line, but I have yet to have anyone answer the phone one time. Fix this and it would be a 5 star review. Very frustrating to call each time and not get an answer. Why havecall ahead ordering if nobody can pick up the call?read more
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty S.
14:45 16 Oct 21
Use to be my place to go, despite it being completely out of my way, because it had an online menu that was not awful and easy to use. Now that you've updated to a menu with filters that do not even work, I might as well just go to the places with junk website menus since that is what we get here now too. Why do I want to see gummies when I'm trying to look at flower options? Oh that's right, I don't,but can't filter them out. Awesome. Not sure why you'd destroy something that worked just fine before.read more
Derryl Yve
Derryl Y.
18:27 02 Oct 21
Employees A1 … they just need to put a time limit on people ordering there products maybe , a lot of cheap sold for high stay klutch , look for specials that come rarely runtz lemon mints extc , If u like fluffy nugs this more your lane forsure , too much lime Terp for me even in the cookie flavors , great edibles , and vape accessories Also can’t smell or see before u buyread more
Frank Smiddy
Frank S.
00:56 21 Sep 21
This place and employees are top notch. Easy in and easy out. I've never seen a frown on questions I have asked or others around me. And thier selection is the best I can find. Keep it up About welness.read more
This place is convenient since I live in Lebanon but other than convenience everything else sucks. Most of the people who work there are awesome but then you have the high horse people lol. It’s a monopoly and there selection suckssssssssread more
Corey Vinion
Corey V.
13:17 10 Sep 21
The last 5 times my wife has went to this location at 9:00am sharp their menu indicated they had a product that they indeed didn’t have. I don’t know how difficult data entry is at a dispensary but she has never had this experience at any of the other 3 dispensaries she frequents. Folks don’t want to drive 45 minutes for something they didn’t want! This should be a pretty easy problem to fix….. but yet again this location drops the ball.read more
Jake Romano
Jake R.
14:39 02 Aug 21
Best prices in Cincinnati. Bud tenders know their stuff and are extremely friendly. Receptionist is always nice and courteous as well. Phone in orders can be a pain on busy days but just keep calling! They will answer eventually.read more
Michael Thompson
Michael T.
13:12 28 Jul 21
Did you guys smoke today? Because nobody will answer the phone.
Ken Ciboch
Ken C.
17:16 10 Jul 21
Why have call in ordering if you dont answer the phone! Tried 5 times each time went to voice mail but the people who work there are great! Phone ins should have seperate operators.read more
John Corrill
John C.
18:11 02 Jul 21
Best disp. in the area.Lots of product.Staff goes out of their way to be helpful.
lauren channell
lauren C.
20:23 20 May 21
I was totally new to the process and a little overwhelmed with all that it entailed but the staff was super friendly and so willing to help they definitely helped ease the anxiety of the process. Great place,great prices, great staff. I will be making this my go to dispensary no doubt about it!!read more
Phil Allen
Phil A.
18:29 17 May 21
I receive great service every time I come here. The amount of products and manufacturers beats out all other dispensaries locally, and the staff is the most professional and willing to help newbies.read more
mark g
mark g
21:30 31 Mar 21
By far the best!! Actually cleaner and more comfortable than many medical offices I've been in. Staff is the most polite, professional, and helpful. They call you by name and are always willing to answer questions about products. Best prices. I'd give more stars if possible.read more
Lisa Rowe
Lisa R.
14:57 23 Mar 21
Owner ended up being my budtender. I asked about a product and he said “I don’t use” then rolled his eyes. I just didn’t feel comfortable buying from someone who doesn’t use the product they’re selling it made it seem like he doesn’t actually even believe in people using it.read more
14:48 08 Mar 21
Menu is mostly wrong. Went this past Friday March 5th, wanted 2 products that were on the menu, they were sold out even though it was on the menu, was told they didn't know how it got on there. Went today, it took them 2 days to finally update the menu, I was the 3rd person checked in when they opened, they finally updated the menu at 0835 today and when I went to order they AGAIN had things on the menu that they had sold out of. I don't know what manager is in charge of updating the menu and making sure inventory in correct but they suck at their job. May be considering a dispensary in Dayton.read more
Megan Cook
Megan C.
16:05 03 Mar 21
If I could give 10 stars I would! Best prices in the area and hands down every best customer service. Very knowledge staff while maintaining professionalism. Highly recommend!read more
Haley Stunich
Haley S.
20:44 08 Jan 21
I️ have to come on here to brag. I️ have been a regular here for almost a year now. They are by far the most professional & customer friendly dispensary I️ have been to. You can feel at ease to ask any questions & talk with the staff. If there is a line it is well worth it. Absolutely love this place!read more
Michael Ouziel
Michael O.
13:01 01 Sep 20
I am giving About Wellness a solid 5 star review because, even though there are draw backs, this is the best location I've ever been too.The staff at this facility has always been the warmest and courteous that I have ever met at any dispensary. They always take the time to hear our your problems and make suggestions. They show that they actually care about issue and take the time to pick the correct blend for you. I have never been pushed a more expensive product or tool.I would be remiss if I did not call out some negatives. One the sitting availability is rather low when you are waiting outside, so if you are disabled, like me, you should visit at low traffic time.Also the inventory isn't very full. More often then not they are out of what you are looking for. The reason that this doesn't lose them a star is that they always have an alternate for whatever you are looking for. Truth be told this is how I have discovered some of the more interesting blends I've tried.Also if you have Covid concerns, like I do, this location definitely takes the most precautions to prevent the spread. At the time I am writing this they were starting to set up for call in orders. I do not know if they are currently accepting them but if you have to be in person, this is the place to go.read more
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