90s Nostalgia Mousses Up as 'Nash Bridges' Reboot Premieres Saturday – SFist

The trailer for the Nash Bridges reunion just dropped before Saturday’s premiere, and it might be worth tuning in just to see Willie Brown in a pot dispensary.

Your No. 1 movie at the U.S. box office right now is a Ghostbusters sequel. The most anticipated movie of the holiday season is a Matrix sequel. And television knows where its bread is buttered too, as nostalgia-soaked sequels and reboots are a far surer bet than creating original work these days. And so your most anticipated non-football television event of Thanksgiving weekend is the Nash Bridges reunion movie that was shot right here in San Francisco, premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 27, on the USA Network, and whose trailer is seen below.

It appears to be a sort of a Miami Vice meets Grumpy Old Men with a very conspicuous San Francisco backdrop. Don Johnson is seen clearly hanging outside Bimbo’s 365, fishing off piers near the Embarcadero, and recklessly driving his Barracuda near the Caltrain station. The apparent premise is that there’s some sort of tech money-related mass murder spree that only ol’ Nash and Cheech Marin coming out of retirement can solve in a world… where the

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