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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Half of Springfield’s marijuana dispensaries are not paying the 3% sales tax.

This issue was brought up at a city council lunch meeting this week.

Five of the ten dispensaries in Springfield did not report this tax for the month of March.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the dispensaries did not pay it, but that the city is not getting the money.

“We don’t know how much money those dispensaries are generating in the city of Springfield and they’re not paying their sales tax,” City Councilman Craig Hosmer said. “That’s concerning.”

Springfield’s 3% tax on marijuana sales, which voters overwhelmingly approved in August, will go toward mental health, homeless services and law enforcement.

“Until we really know how much we’ve got, it’s hard to appropriate what you’re going to do with it because you don’t know what or how much you’re dealing with,” Hosmer said.

The city has received $300,000 in revenue from the tax so far this year, which is behind what was projected.

Of the ten dispensaries in Springfield that are required to pay the sales tax, five of them didn’t pay it in March. Every month since January at least three dispensaries

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